Which Country is Most Powerful in the World?

Most Powerful Country

Which country is most powerful?

The world has become a military race, where the most powerful or biggest military force is all that country needs to be the most powerful in the world. We weigh a country’s power in terms of weaponry, the size of their army and how many wars they have won in the past. Sometimes this power is measured against the standards of latest technology and money, with the countries possessing the latest technologies being the most powerful.

A military force tends to be a country’s guard against any possible threats from other foreign countries and even terrorists. To guard your borders you need an efficient and well-equipped armed force, in countries where there are tensed relations with neighboring countries things get even complicated, as the need for a military defense becomes vital.

These rankings for the most powerful countries have been made on a particular set of data. Different sets of data can product different results and rankings (National Power Index ranking has been used here). Here is the list of world’s powerful countries with respect to Military power, GDP, defense budget, land area and man power.

Countries Population GDP Area km2 Active Military Personnel
United States 317,282,000 $16 Trillion 9,706,971 km2 1,429,995
China 1,350,700,000 $8.50 trillion 9,706,962 km2 2,286,000
Russia 143,700,000 $2.150 trillion 17,098,243 km2 767,000
France 65,960,000 $2.840 trillion 640,689 km2 228,666
Japan 126,659,700 $5.001 trillion 377,954 km2 247,736
UK 631,817,875 $2.500 trillion 243,710 km2 205,370
Germany 80,585,800 $3.600 trillion 357,022 km2 182,827
Italy 59,236,000 $2.150 trillion 301,337 km² 330,000
Canada 35,158,400 $1.935 trillion 9,984,671 km2 66,000
Spain 46,704,715 $1.395 trillion 504.646 km 2 123,200
India 1,210,193,500 $1.657 trillion 3,287,591 km2 1,335,000

  • United States
    US tops the chart for the most powerful country in the world, not only its one of the richest countries but also boosts world’s largest defense budget. US spends about a total of, 32% of their budget on their military expenditure, which amounts to a total of what the all countries spend on their defence budget, combined. United States is the most powerful country in the world right now, and will probably sustain its number one spot for the next one or two decades. Because it is ranked as Number one for more than five sub-indexes by NPI. The most powerful country in the world has a strong military power and resources.
  • China
    Number two on the list of world’s most powerful countries, stands China. China’s Army boasts a Ground Force, which is the largest armed force in all of Asia. China has come across some rapid growth in economy and has invested more in defense and high upgrades in weaponry. China takes number one rank as world’s most populated country and ranks second as economic power. Many economic and defense gurus predict that China will pass the US by 2030. China has made a huge advance in the areas of its economy and defence budget
  • Russia
    In 2012 Russia ranked third in the NPI. Russia is the world largest country in land area and has abundant energy resources. Russia is one of the strongest military power in the world. These are the top three most powerful countries in the world, however their sheer size and a growing economy marks a constant race for power and the tables are turned, every few decades.
  • France
    France has a strong army and Economy, France is the 4th most influential country because of its ability in foreign affairs and its global diplomatic position. France is known for its high standard of living and being one of the permanent members of United Nations Security Council.
  • Japan
    Despite being small in land, Japan is one of the most powerful countries in the world (ranking 5th) and ranks 2nd in technology after US. In 2012 he won the 5th place. Japan generally has a strong economy with respect to its automotive industry. Japan spends much of GDP on its military and defense budget.
  • UK
    The UK has made progress in NPI ranking since 2012, when it ranked 5th, having a huge defense budget. The UK has one of the most powerful armies in the world. Also he advancing in the classification by its growing GDP.
  • Germany
    Germany is one of the most powerful economies with comparatively big population and has a huge influence in the EU. In 2012 Germany ranked seventh and therefore achieved a breakthrough. Germany is also known for its strong military budget.
  • Italy
    Italy has made great efforts to achieve this classification. Italy has made great developments in many fields and takes care of its economy, technology and military.
  • Canada
    Canada is the world’s second largest in terms of land area and abundance in natural resources. Canada has a high standard of living and a strong economy with a high GDP.
  • Spain
    Spain had no classification in 2012 but in 2014 Spain ranked in 10th place instead of Israel. Spain takes care of its military spending and plan their budgets.
  • India
    India has a huge defense budget. It is ranked as second most populous country after China. It comes as eighth largest military spender.


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