Which Country has the Highest Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy in Different Countries

Life expectancy has witnessed a rapid development with modernization and industrialization. During the pre-modern era, in the world struck with poverty and little or no hygiene in cities sprouting with industrial activities and labor forced to live under inhumane conditions, lifespan was around 30 years then.

It has been in the early 19th century that medical science and research improved, increasing lifetime in the developing countries. Historically speaking only 50 years ago, world’s health was very unequal. With a good health being limited to rich countries and a bad health to poorer countries, however this global inequality decreased in time with foreign exchanges in technology, medicines and research.

Ever since the 1900, global average natural life doubled and is now gradually heading to a 70. If you want to live to be older and by far one of the most important factors to be considered is wealth, with money you can afford decent health care and make better food choices.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle would mean drinking less, smoking less and eating healthfully. The more affluent countries boast higher levels of lifespan because they not only have a greater access to a better health care but also lower crime rates and civil unrest. Which is why some of the countries with the highest life-expectancy, on an average, in the world; United States however ranks on 48th with an average lifespan of about 77.85.

Ranking  Country Average Age (Years)
 1  Monaco  89.52
 2  China  84.41
 3  San Marino  83.01
 4  Andorra  82.43
 5  Japan  82.25

In different countries across the globe, expectancy rates are calculated in different ways. In 2011, according to CIA World Fact book the top 5 countries are as follows:

Number One:

Monaco tops the charts with the world’s highest aage, it boasts a 89.52 of average lifespan.

Number Two:

Macau in China also has a brilliantly high lifespan, with lower levels of unemployment, hygienic residence and ample food. Macau boast an average 84.41 life-cycle.

Number Three:

San Marino
San Marino stands on number three with a 83.01 years of average lifespan.

Number four:

If you dream of living a long lifetime, watching the sun set over lush green mountains and breathing in fresh air then Andorra is just the place for with an average age of 82.43 years.

Number Five:

Despite Japan’s infamous technological spur, where population and pollution are at rise boasts a 82.25 average age. Now this is life, the best of technology and a long long life to enjoy it.

Even though medical spending and age does not apparently seem to have any clear relationships with each other, neither does health directly affect life expectancy. Research however proves that the availability of medical professionals has a direct relationship with an average age. In Italy, one of the top most nations with the highest life expectancy has a very good proportion of doctors in terms to the total population. For every 1000 residents the number of doctors on an average equals 3.16 but in Italy, it exceeds the number and takes pride in a 4.1 doctors every 1000 residents.

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