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Where is Dubai

Sophisticated, devoted, passionate to living a good life, Dubai is both a beautiful and a city so diverse you would love to go here. From the Burj Khalifa to Palm Jumeirah to record breaking architecture to amazing man-made island just out of the coastline, Dubai is a must to go city. A mix of culture runs in Dubai. It remains one of the greatest, topped the charts visiting places of the world. It simply is one the greatest holiday destinations of the world.  The place is just so full of life, it makes the visitors fall in love with it.

Talking about Dubai and what a great city it is, most of you know what country is Dubai in, right? For those who don’t know this, Well it is the UAE’s capital city, not only the capital but the most cosmopolitan city. When it comes to professional and private life, Dubai without a doubt is considered the most attractive city in the world to live in. Now for those who did not know where is Dubai? You guys now know a place to go to have an amazing life ahead.

Which country is Dubai in?

So, now by far, you all know which country is Dubai in. Most of the people are confused between whether it is a country or a city. To clear this confusion again, Dubai is a city-state in the UAE. The city is located within the emirate and is located in the southeast of the Persian Gulf which is one of the seven emirates that make up the country. When it comes to population, Dubai has the largest population that is, 2,104,895 and has the second largest land territory after Abu Dhabi, which by area is 4,114 km2. Dubai is a city which has the power in the country’s legislature over critical matters of national importance.

The city of Dubai is located on the emirate, on the northern coastline which heads up the Dubai Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area. As said above it is often misperceived as a country, and sometimes, even UAE is misunderstood and is described as Dubai as a whole. The earliest mention of Dubai, it started in 1095 AD, and then it got formally established in 1833 by Sheikh Maktoum bin Butti Al-Maktoum. He persuaded almost 800 members of Saudi Arabia to follow him to Dubai Creek.

This city has emerged from being a cosmopolitan city to becoming a global city and to successfully becoming a business and cultural hub of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region. If we talk about the history of how Dubai got emerged, its economy was historically built on the oil industry, but as time passed, the economy got driven by the western style model of business. And the main revenues started coming from real estate, tourism and financial services. This is the reason how the UAE capital has attracted the world’s attention through its innovative large projects of construction and sports events. The city has now become a symbolic and is known for high-rise buildings and skyscrapers.

Talking about the tallest buildings, we all know Dubai is famous for Burj Khalifa. Apart from this amazingly built building. It is well known for its man-made islands, hotels and some of the most amazing shopping malls in the region of the world. These amazing innovations have increased the attention of labour and human rights issues because of the city’s largely paid workforce.

If we talk about the market experience of Dubai, it faced a major deterioration between 2008 and 2009. As a result of which worldwide economic downturn happened and the financial crisis took place. But being a hard working city towards innovation made a gradual and steady recovery with the help of its neighbouring emirates. And by 2012, it became the world’s 22nd most expensive city, successfully surpassing London which is on 25th and is considered the most expensive city in the Middle city. There is absolutely no doubt as why Dubai is well-known for the best places to live in the Middle East. The city has done everything to become the best, as it clearly seen with all the innovations and creativeness it has come up to so far.

Not only this, the UAE capital has topped among the world’s top 15 prominent cities for the best place to work. Which means, this city, when it comes to working environment is ahead of New York, Singapore, London, Paris and Hong Kong. Because of the great work stability, Dubai is ranked first in the economic dynamism, fourth when it comes to quality of life and the cost of living and third in its overall attractiveness.

Not only Dubai is considered the best, but there are surveys which show that UAE’s cities have constantly ranked among the best cities to live in the Arab World. So, whether it’s Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, every city is one of its own kind. But Dubai, being the best in everything, is most of the people’s favourite. When it comes to job opportunities or better quality of life or even competitive salaries, this city offers the best in everything. Even if we look at it, who wouldn’t want to live in a place, which offers all the luxuries for you plus is a great place to live in. The city already being the best continues to bring innovations and creativeness and continue to leave speechless at how it does all this.  Even the other cities of UAE are great places to go to and even live. UAE as a country has definitely won millions of hearts at how it got improved and still continue to shine. Dubai awaits for you. Once you will come to this city, you will realise how great this place and trust me, you wouldn’t want to leave. That’s the thing about Dubai, it makes you fall in love with it.

Source: travel.usnews.com

Cities Where they are located? Population
Dubai UAE 2.8 million
Abu Dhabi UAE 1.1 million
Sharjah UAE 1.4 million
Ras al-Khaimah UAE 260,000


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