List of Most Religious Countries in the World

Most Religious Countries

Religion is one of the factors that allows in bringing people together from all over the world. Not only it helps in community creation but also it introduces an aspect of cultural diversity. People who are of similar mind come together on the basis of religion and together they communicate and share with each other. There are some countries where one can find people who are not into religion at all whereas, there are other countries which are totally the opposite; deeply involved in religion. Here is a list of most religious countries in the world which can help you to connect with people of the same faith.

Most Religious Countries in the World

1.      Morocco

Morocco, being an Islamic country is where you can find 99% of the population that is Muslim where the most spoken language is Arabic. Morocco is known to pray 5 times a day where the prayers come out through speakers in the mosques throughout the communities. According to the Muslim religion, they shouldn’t eat pork, drink alcohol or wear clothing that will expose their body.

2.      Georgia

Even though Georgia is that country where one can find multiples religions but the majority of the population of Georgia follows Christianity as their faith and are affiliated to Georgian Orthodox Church. Ceremonies are held in churches along with celebrations, weddings, baptisms etc. Something really appreciable about the country is that all the citizens of the country respect religions of one another.

3.      Bangladesh

88% of the country’s population follows Islam as their religion whereas, other beliefs like Christianity, Hinduism, Animism, Buddhism and caste/tribal system can also be witnessed in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is reported to acquire one of the biggest Muslim nations in the world. It is because of Muslim missionaries who brought Islam to the country. Muslim festivals are also celebrated throughout Bangladesh. The citizens are also very strict about their beliefs where almost the entire country claims that religion is an important part of their daily lives.

4.      Armenia

Armenia is also counted as one of the most religious countries in the world where the Armenian Christians believe in having their faith directly derived from the Christ’s apostles. Armenia was the first country to declare Christianity as their religion in 301 AD. Almost the entire population believes in religion and finds it an important part of their lives.

5.      Thailand

In Thailand, about 95% of the people follow Buddhism as their religion as when Buddhism was introduced it immediately became the leading religion. Most Thais believe in reincarnation which is why many people will participate in practices like lighting incenses in order to have a better next life and offering donations to temples. Thailand is filled with about 30000 temples containing history about the religion with education, celebrations and activities for the followers.

6.      Yemen

Yemen is an Islamic country where almost all except 1% of the total population follow Islam as their religion while the rest follow Hinduism and Christianity. True Muslim believers are very strict about the fact that women should always be fully covered when going out in public. Even though majority of the women are fully covered but in cities that are heavily populated, women and men can be found dressed up in western styles too. Yemenis are also strict about the five code of belief of Islam. Also, all of the major Muslim festivals of the religion are observed by the people according to the Arab Muslim calendar.

7.      Indonesia

Indonesia is that country where one can see Muslims as a majority, however, the country is still not completely Islamic as many other religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Protestantism, Buddhism and Confucianism are also followed by the people. Because Indonesia is not entirely an Islamic country, political decision making are actually affected due to religious aspects (worldatlas). When it comes to atheism, it should be known that it is socially unacceptable by the Indonesians as only 6 religions are officially recognized by the country and every citizen should be affiliated by either of them in their official documents.

8.      Malawi

This south east African country has one of the most religious populations in the world where one can find various religions being practiced. Almost the entire nation believes that religion is an important aspect of their lives and plays a vital role in their existence which is why they strictly follow their religion.

9.      Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is that country where Buddhism can be seen to be practiced by more than half of the population followed by Christianity, Hinduism and Islam. Buddhism is regarded as the highest philosophical and ethical religion since the Sinhalese culture. Buddhism is also a significant religion in the country because it is due to this religion that had played an important role in shaping the history of the country.

10. Niger

This West African country having French as their language is one of those nations where almost the entire population believes in the Muslim faith. Many other religions can also be seen here but they are not properly practicing or following their own beliefs due to the Muslim majority and beliefs. Niger is one of the most religious countries in the world according to the data generated by the WIN/Gallup International Polls. The people of Niger also claim religion to be an important part of their daily lives.

Source: Wikipedia

Countries % of Religious People Ranking
 Bangladesh 99% + 1
 Ethipoia 99% + 2
 Niger 99% + 3
 Yemen 99% 4
 Indonesia 99% 5
 Malawi 99% 6
 Sri Lanka 99% 7
 Somalia 98% 8
 Mauritania 98% 9
 Djibouti 98% 10
Burundi 98% 11
 Thailand 97% 12
 Comoros  97% 13
 Egypt 97% 14
 Morocco 97% 15
 Guinea 97% 16
 Laos 97% 17
 Afghanistan 97% 18
 Myanmar 97% 19
 Jordan 96% 20
 Senegal 96% 21
 Cambodia 96% 22
 Nigeria 96% 23
 Malaysia 96% 24
 Cameroon 96% 25

Today, there are many religions in the world that are varied by country, its population and the followers of those faith. Every now and then we see people being connected to each other; one of the biggest reasons for such act is religion. Whether a faith is practiced at its minority or majority, it is still regarded as a binding force between people. The same goes with the countries that are mentioned above which are known as the most religious countries in the world where religion plays an important role in their life.

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