List of Countries by Racism in the World

World Map by Racism

Top 10 Most Racist Countries in the World

As human beings, as nations, we all have come a long way and have accomplished number of milestones. Be it natural disasters, wars, diseases, we have faced it all. But while the whole world is moving towards accomplishments and bringing positive changes, racism is one thing which still exists in most of the world today.  Below is the list of countries which are considered as the most racist countries of the world. Have a look at these countries and see why they are being listed in this list.

  1. India:
    India, a country so much of diversity is considered as one of the most racist countries in the world. India is probably the only country which strictly follow its caste system. For example someone who belongs to a lower caste is not even allowed to marry someone from a higher caste. You will always get to see conflicts between Biharis and Marathi Manoos. Also, a child born in India is always taught to worship and respect people with white skin and to feel pity for the people with black skin. This is the reason why a white tourist is always respected in India, and why Africans are not treated the same way. Yet, after all these differences, India always boasts about its culture and diversity. It is high time for this country to be more open and accepting.
  2. Lebanon:
    Lebanon is a country which takes a lot of pride on its image and how civilized it has become. But deep down, it has become very apparent that not everyone is welcomed in Lebanon. There have been number of migrants and mixed-race Lebanese who have face racism specifically those who belong to Asian and African regions. According to the people of these region, they face racism on a regular basis in Lebanon.A country which declares itself as a global centre for promoting peace still has problems towards accepting people coming from different regions.
  3. Bahrain:
    Bahrain, a country so full of life, well-built roads, and best education systems is also observed to have racism. There are number of foreigners who come to Bahrain either to study or to earn, while the country provides number of opportunities to people, yet it still show some aspects of classism. For example, if you are someone coming from a western countries, you will be treated amazingly in Bahrain, but if you are someone from Africa or Asia, the treatment won’t be the same for you. And people’s attitude towards poor has also been noticed to be not good, just because they are not rich enough, people in Bahrain thinks it gives them some sort of a command to treat them like this.
  4. Libya:
    Libya, it is a predominantly Arab country which has a large Berber minority which held strong racist views towards black-skinned people, sub-Saharan Africans to be more specific. Libya is declared to have a long history of racist violence. The sub-Saharan Africans came to Libya in the 21st century to primarily work as an unskilled labour. Many of them got rounded up during the Libyan Civil War and were accused of being “mercenaries.” Since then, till today Libyan people have these strong racist views against black-skinned people.
  5. Egypt:
    If you are in Egypt and you are black-skinned guy or girl, you will be hearing the most ignorant and racist comments. It’s also true how the black community of people in Egypt constitutes a sustainable portion in this country, yet most of the Egyptians seem to consider them as an inferior minority and degrade them or treat them racial discrimination. However, the laws of Egypt prohibits any sort of discrimination including the one based on someone’s colour. Irony, how most of the people in Egypt don’t follow the law.
  6. Philippines:
    According to a recent data posted by the World Value Survey shows that Philippines is also listed in one of the countries which possess strong racist views towards others. In the survey, they basically asked people, that what kind of people they wouldn’t want to live near. They counted the total amount that people chose who agreed to live with people of a different race. Turns out, the number of percentage of those people was very less. And as it has been said, that nations who don’t want to live near other races, they are considered to be more racist and are racially more intolerant.
  7. Kuwait:
    Kuwait is a country which has been continuously on the list of racist countries. Different laws have also been made after a series of complains and racial intolerance was observed. The Bidoon people in Kuwait are treated very badly, therefore a law has been made to acknowledge and end the suffering of these people. There is also a huge difference between the wages of Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti workers which needs to be sorted out. Also, the rights of women married to non-Kuwaiti citizens is also an issue in Kuwait and they have requested that the nationality of Kuwait should be passed to their children. The government of Kuwait, although it has been working on these issues, yet still there is huge amount of racism being followed in the country.
  8. Palestine:
    According to number of observers, Palestine holds various types of discrimination which includes, holding racist views with Jews on the basis of religion, possessing ethnic discrimination against black-skinned people. Due to these strong views, Palestine has also made it to the list of racist places on earth. It’s very unlikely of people in Palestine to treat others well who belong to other region or race. This is the extreme level of discrimination the country follows.
  9. South Africa:
    Racism is still a part of South African society. Despite the fall in 1994 of the apartheid and recon-ciliated tone set by Nelson Mandela, the first elected president. The demon of racism is still very much alive in South Africa. You will always see number of groups fighting with another. And the discrimination between black and white people still remain a big issue in the country.
  10. South Korea:
    South Korea is a country which has been observed to hold racist views against other people coming from different regions. And an increase in immigration has been said the reason catalysing more racism in the country. As a result, low wages, inequality, physical abuse, unsafe work conditions have come out to be the main issues faced by the immigrants. Countries % of people who don’t want neighbours of another race % of people who witnessed racist behaviour
1 India 43.6 64.3
2 Lebanon 36.3 64.4
3 Bahrain 31.1 85.7
4 Libya 54.0 33.5
5 Egypt N/A 39.7
6 Philippines 30.6 49.1
7 Kuwait 28.1 37.9
8 Palestine 44.0 32.0
9 South Africa 19.6 61.8
10 South Korea 29.6 36.5
11 Malaysia 31.3 34.4
12 Nigeria 21.0 42.5
13 Iraq 27.7 37.8
14 Kyrgyzstan 28.1 35.9
15 Ecuador 34.5 32.0
16 Algeria 19.8 41.0
17 Pakistan 14.5 48.8
18 Yemen 34.0 31.2
19 Hong Kong 18.8 40.4
20 Russia 17.0 38.5

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