Which Country has the Most Immigrants?

Top Countries by Immigrants

More people than ever are living abroad according to the United Nations. They are not living in their home country. This is clear from the data of the UN Population Division report. According to statistics, this year 232 million people lived outside of their home country. That is 3.2 percent of the world’s population. In 2000, the figure was about 175 million and was 154 million in the previous year. In addition, the population researchers say that the international migration is concentrated relatively in few countries. Half of the migrants live in only ten countries.

The most popular countries among immigrants

The United Nations Migration Report (UN) shows that more people than ever live outside their country of birth. 232 million people have left their native land either voluntarily or forcefully. Have a look at the countries which attract the most emigrants.

 Rank  Countries  Immigrants (Million)
1. United States 45.8
2. Russia 11.0
3. Germany 9.8
4. Saudi Arabia  9.1
5. United Arab Emirates  7.8
6. United Kingdom  7.8
7.  France  7.4
8.  Canada  7.3
9. Australia  6.5
10.  Spain  6.5
    1. USA
      The United States is the undisputed leader, with some 46m emigrants currently living here. They account for 14.3 percent of the total inhabitants. By way of comparison, the country was also at the top in 2000, with 35m immigrants at the time. 262,000 refugees are currently living in the USA.
    2. Russia
      In Russia, 11m emigrants are living, equivalent to 7.7 percent of the population. Some 3100 refugees are also included. Russia is the only country with a negative growth rate.
    3. Germany
      9.8m emigrants live in Germany, accounting for 11.9 percent of the total population. Some 590,000 refugees are included in this list.
    4. Saudi Arabia
      It is home to 9m migrants, representing 31 per cent of the population. With an average of 31 years in Saudi Arabia and 30 years in the Emirates, the region is also in the list of top ten for the youngest migrants.
    5. UAE
      7.8m migrants live in the United Arab Emirates – but they make up 83.7 percent of the population. However, refugees are rarely encountered here with only about 600 refugees.
    6. Great Britain
      In the UK, migrants account for 12.4 per cent of the population. In total, they reach 7.8m people, of whom around 150,000 are refugees.
    7. France
      7.4m people from abroad were living in France in 2013, of which around 218,000 were refugees. Immigrants account for 11.6 per cent of the total inhabitants. Within the top ten, the refugees living in France are the oldest with the average age around 48 years.
    8. Canada
      In Canada, 7.3m migrants live, including 163,700 refuge seekers. In total, immigrants account for 20.7 per cent of the inhabitants.
    9. Australia
      In Australia around 6.5m people live as emigrants. However, due to the lower number of inhabitants, the share of the total inhabitants is 27.7% which is significantly higher than in Spain (13.8%). 30,000 of them are refuge seekers.
    10. Spain 
      6.5m Immigrants lived in Spain in 2013. In 2000 they were only two million.

Countries Mapped by Immigration

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