Top Ten Countries with Highest Hindu Population

Highest Hindu Population

Along with Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, Hinduism is also one of the largest religions in the world. According to recent studies, there are over billions of Hindus in the world. India is one such country where one can find the greatest majority of people who follow Hinduism as their religion. Hindus make over 13% of the population of the world whereas; there annual growth is 1.52%. Most Hindus are found in the Asian countries where about 98% of them reside there while 1% lives outside Asia. Let’s see which the top ten countries with highest Hindu population are.

Hinduism by country

Following is the list of countries where Hindus live in large numbers:

1.      India

India is one country where Hinduism and Hindus are found in majority. Around 79.5% of the country’s population is Hindu where majority of them belong to Vaishnavite and Shaivite denominations. In terms of numbers, it is India which has the largest number of Hindus in the world. After Hinduism, Islam is the second largest religion in India followed by Christianity and other religions.

2.      Nepal

Although it is India which has got the highest number of Hindu followers but if one looks at the percentage of Hindu population, then it is Nepal that tops the list that leaves India behind. Around 80.5% of the country’s population consists of Hindus which makes India as the second most country having the highest Hindu population. According to the Nepalese theology, it is believed that Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva had come to Nepal in the form of deer.

3.      Bangladesh

The dominant religion of Bangladesh is Islam where around more than 90% of the people are Muslims, however, the remaining 12,680,000 people in the country are followers of Hinduism. Even though Islam is the official religion of the country, Bangladesh is still referred as a tolerant state in terms of practicing of other religions which includes Hinduism as well.

4.      Indonesia

Like Bangladesh, Indonesia is also that country which has Muslims as a majority. In fact, Indonesia is a country where Muslims are found in majority in the entire world. 4,050,000 of Indonesians are Hindus living in the country. Bali, the Indonesian island is one such place which can be said that it is particularly dedicated to Hindus as the Hindu majority can be seen there’s. Besides that, Bali also has a lot of sculptures, temples, and famous myths that are rooted from the Hindu traditions across the majority of the islands’ native population.

5.      Pakistan

Pakistan is home to 3,330,000 Hindu followers among which majority of them are those who have left their homes in the country after the great divide of India. Pakistan emerged as a separate entity in 1947, where the dominant religion was Islam (worldatlas). The main reason for the creation of a separate country was so that Muslims could practice their own religion. This is also the ultimate reason why Hindus from Pakistan has been moved out so that they could also practice their own religion as Hindu parents complained that by living in Pakistan where there is daily Quran readings and Islamic education, they are unable to teach and educate their children about Hinduism. However, after Islam, Hinduism is the second largest religion and largest populations of Hindus are considered to be in Pakistan.

6.      Sri Lanka

The ancient history of Sri Lanka is somewhat related to the Hindu culture and mythology. Sri Lanka is a home to about 2,830,000 Hindus. Being in the proximity of the Hindu source, Sri Lanka had the chance to become a country where Hinduism could be the main religion of the country but the powerful emperor Asoka, in the 15th century embraced Buddhism and sent his son to teach the Buddhism teachings in the island of Sri Lanka which made a historic change making Buddhism as the national official religion of the country.

7.      United States

Hinduism is not a religion that is followed by the majority in United States as it is a western country. In 2014, Hindus in United States were estimated to be 0.7% of the total population of the country, however, in the current year, Hindus in America are accounted to be 1% of the total population representing an increase of about a million in the total population.

8.      Malaysia

Talking about the largest religion in Malaysia, Hinduism comes at fourth. Most Hindus in Malaysia are settled in the western parts of Peninsular Malaysia. The majority of Hindus in the Malaysian state are found in Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Perak, federal territory of Kuala Lumpur. The state of Malaysia where Hindus are in minority is Sabah (Wikipedia).

9.      United Kingdom

Hindus and Hinduism have been a part of United Kingdom since the 19th century when India was a part of the British Empire. Today, Hinduism is the fourth largest religion of the country after Christianity, Atheism and Islam. Among the south Asian origins, Hindus are the second largest group in United Kingdom after South Asian Muslims. Hindus also exceeded in numbers when compared to Sikhs. Comparing from the statistics of 2001, there were 101 Hindu temples in UK and 193 Sikh temples and 614 Muslim mosques in the country.

10. Burma (Myanmar)

Estimating figures of more than 800,000 people in Burma Myanmar are Hindus. The figure is in approximate terms because a reliable census has not been taken since the colonial times in the country hence, the religion of the people was most likely not revealed. Most Hindus in the country are Burmese Indians. Hinduism in Burma came during the ancient times along with Buddhism.

Countries Hindu Population % of Worlds Hindu Population
India 1,025,430,000 79.8
Nepal 23,352,646 81.3
Bangladesh 13,500,000 8.54
Indonesia 4,259,000 1.69
Pakistan 3,626,000 1.85
Sri Lanka 2,554,000 12.6
United States 2,230,000 0.7
Malaysia 1,949,850 6.3
United Kingdom 832,000 1.7
Burma (Myanmar) 893,000 1.5

Source: Maps of World

Besides India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh, due to the Hindu immigration, Hindus are now living in different areas of the world. Being one of the oldest religions, Hinduism has been spread all over as many schools of thoughts are practiced by Hindus. The difference of Hinduism with other religions is that they are taught to worship not one but various other gods. The above mentioned countries have the Hindu population in the world. Which count

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