List of Third World Countries

Third World Countries

Third world country is a phrase that is often used to describe the poor or the under developed countries but what does this actually mean? Third world countries are those whose economies are highly dependent on the on the economic wealth of the developed countries due to which these poor countries have a large foreign debt on them as a result. The nations of the third world have high levels of population growth which they are unable to support as they also have unstable governments and are pervaded by diseases and illiteracy. Here’s is a list of third world countries that are unable to make themselves rise above the poverty line.

Third World Countries

Following is the list of third world countries in terms of human development and press freedom according to UN, IMF and CIA World Fact Book:

1.      Togo

What’s unbelievable about Togo is the fact that it is ranked as one of those countries that it is known as a largest producer as well as exporter of phosphate which is used for agriculture purposes but despite it being that, Togo is still referred to as one of the poorest nations. It also produces coffee, cotton and cocoa and relies heavily on the country’s agriculture sector. Around half of the population lives under the poverty line living on less than $1.25 per day.

2.      Madagascar

A very successful movie was made on the name of the country, Madagascar, which probably must have given a hint to people of the nation being as a tourist destination but in reality, Madagascar is that country which lives below the poverty line. More than half of its population is earning $1 a day which is barely anything to meet its needs per day. The nation relies on tourism and agriculture but is still unsuccessful and looking for more investors to help improve their citizens’ economic trouble.

3.      Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of those poor countries that probably doesn’t need any introduction to itself. Due to the wars that keep happening here and lack of foreign investment, the country is going down every year. Almost half of the population of Afghanistan lives on $1 per day. Their unemployment rate is also 35%. It is due to these reasons that the foreign investors never saw Afghanistan as an appealing country, mainly due to the ongoing wars since so many years.

4.      Guinea

Despite being a nation that is rich with natural resources, mineral, gold and metals and also having a high potential of becoming a hub for hydroelectric power, why is Guinea still regarded as a third world country? Well, it is because of the autocratic government system which we involved in poorly developed infrastructure and played a vital role in spreading corruption in the country. It is to note that before Guinea’s independence from French rule, it was a major exporter of coffee, bananas, peanuts, palm oil and pineapple.

5.      Mozambique

Mozambique relies heavily on tourism and small scale agriculture that contributes to the nation’s economy, of course, not enough which makes it in our list of 3rd world countries. The country is poor in every aspect that you can think of; absence of commercial networks, poorly developed infrastructure and lack of commercial investments are some of the factors which is why the country’s condition is as such. Mozambique contains some pristine beaches, which is why it tries to become a hot tourist spot for the tourists who are beach goers.

6.      Ethiopia

Even though the citizens are proud for to call itself as an agriculture nation, the country is consistently plagued with droughts. Many agriculture companies also do not implement effective agriculture practices to solve the issue to make some contribution to the poor economic performance of the country. Poor sanitation and poverty is what the Ethiopians are suffering which is why many health problems and diseases can be found among the people.

7.      Mali

Mali has natural deposits of uranium and gold and is a major producer of salt and livestock but still it struggles to be a developing country. Half of the population of Mali lives below the poverty line earning $1.25 a day. The country relies on foreign aid. However, most of the countries consist of deserted area which is why investors are hesitant to start business operations in Mali. The World Bank has created a program to help the country’s economy grow so that it becomes more attractive to foreign investors.

8.      Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau relies heavily on farming and fishing but it is known mainly for its profits coming from the illegal narcotics trade. About 60% of the country’s population is involved in the drug business acting as couriers to illegal goods from Latin America to Europe. The weird part is that the government is aware of such practices yet it takes no action or opposition against the drug trade in Guinea Bissau.

9.      Comoros

Comoros is a country that is made up of three islands with a quick increase in population and few natural resources, currently, it is going through a boom in the economy but in near future it is said that there will be a major drop in the economy. Half of the country’s population is living below the poverty line earning about $1.25 a day (therichest).

10. Haiti

Being a free market economy, Haiti has several advantages that it enjoys such as affordable labor costs and tariff free access for their exported products to the US but, despite having such benefits, Haiti still suffers to be a third world country. Some of the reasons for such besides poverty are that the government is very corrupt, the people have limited access to education and very less career opportunities.

Timor Leste Malawi Somalia
The Democratic Republic of the Congo Tanzania  Yemen
 Burundi Afghanistan Gunea Bissau
Ethiopia  Niger Liberia
 Sierra Leone Madagascar Zambia
 Eritrea Solomon Islands Kenya
 India Pakisan Bangladesh
 Timor Leste Angola Myanmar
 Cameroon Papau New Guinea Senegal
 Nigeria Nepal Haiti
 Mauritania Lesotho Uganda
 Togo Comoros Zambia
 Dijbouti Rwanda Benin
 Gambia Sudan Cote de Ivoire
 Malawi Zimbabwe Guinea
 Central African Republic Burkina Faso Chad
 Mozambique Congo Tunisia
 Maldives Belarus Uzbekistan
 Iraq Vietnam China
 Nepal Cuba Libya
 Iran Turkmenistan North Korea

Source: nationsonline

The above mentioned countries are a part of third world countries according to their GDP per capita. Although, most of the poor countries are trying their level best to catch up with the developed countries but not all of them are making a quick progress. Political problems, geography and internal clashes of the residents are some of the reasons why these countries are not progressing in terms of growth.

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