Which Countries are Safe from Natural Disasters?

Natural Disaster

Who would not want to live in a country that does not have the fear to be affected by natural disasters? Even the countries that have the best economy such as the United States has been coping with natural disasters from a long time. Recently, hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas coast and other cities brought lots of floods with it. On the other hand, hurricane Irma also ripped almost all of Florida. There is no blaming if you want to move to a country that is safe from the damages of natural disasters.

Natural disasters leave a dire effect on the economy and population of a country no doubt. Whether it is earthquakes or floods, the death toll can easily shoot. The threat of natural disasters has been present since the beginning of time. What matters is the ability of the population of the country to weather the storm.The infrastructure of the country and the availability of resources for coping with the disaster also count. It is not just natural disasters that are a threat to a country, the changing climate conditions around the world are threatening too. It can cause a considerable amount of chaos in countries and each country has to work on creating adaptions for meeting the future trends of these natural disasters.

The 2016 World Risk Report by UNU-EHS has ranked 171 countries around the World Risk Index, starting from the most vulnerable to natural disasters to the least vulnerable. As per the report, the number of natural disasters between the 1980s and 2000s has increased. It started from 400 events moving all the way to more than 1000 events. As per the most recent period, 900 events of natural disasters occurred and they created economic damages of $300 billion.

The same report also identifies how far a country is at risk from the effects of a natural disaster. The World Risk Index has five dimensions and twenty-eight sub-indices. The dimensions include how far the population of a country is likely to be affected by one of these 5 natural disaster categories, how much people have been harmed, the ability of the population to cope with the natural disaster and the effects of the change in climate, adaptation of the population and the deviations that come as a result of the changes in the local climate.

Which is the World’s Safest Country?

The country which is least vulnerable to natural disastersis Qatar. It is also the top ranking country on the World Risk Index. The residents of this Peninsula, rich in oil, can sleep peacefully at night. The World Risk Report has named Qatar as the nation that has the lowest risk of natural disasters.

The country is located in Persian Gulf and that protects it from most tropical cyclones. It is far away from faulty lines so Qatar does not have to worry about volcanoes or earthquakes. Most of its land consists of sand dunes and barren plains. There are no forests at all so there is no risk of fire either. As Qatar is an industrialized nation with modern infrastructure which allows it to recover from catastrophe if any occur.

Qatar is not the only country that’s safe from natural disasters. There are others too, such as:


It is the safest country in the European island. It is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea which makes it very close to the European plate. the country has experienced only 7 earthquakes in the past 500 years. Fortunately, Malta does not have to worry about hurricanes. The last tornado in the country occurred in the 1550s.

Saudi Arabia

As Qatar is near Saudi Arabia, it is fair to say that Saudi Arabia would be safe from natural disasters too. The only strange weather they have to deal with is dusty storms or flash floods. There are rare instances of earthquakes.


Yes, this Caribbean nation does not have to worry about natural disasters. Many of the islands in the Caribbean get hurricanes regularly but fortunately, Barbados is spared from all this mess. There is no fear of earthquakes or volcanoes. The climate in the forest is moist and tropical so this prevents fire too. If you are wondering what could be the worst threatto the island, then it’s the minor land sliding caused by heavy rain.


Here is another nation safe from natural disaster. It is located on the South which can be called the hurricane protection zone. It is all because of the ‘Coriolis force’ which makes the winds blow in straight line. Hence, hurricanes don’t generate spinning winds and so the danger goes away. Although for 49 years, Grenada enjoyed hurricane free days but it was affected by ‘Hurricane Janet’ in the year 1955 and ‘Hurricane Ivan’ in the year 2004.


It is a small nation located in South America and is home to very few natural disasters. There is occasional flooding but fortunately, it has never caused massive destruction. The nation is safe from volcanoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. The country is politically instable however.


There are no nuclear power plants in the country. The natural hazards here are negligible. Poland has a thriving economy and it hasn’t been affected by global recession. The economic and political conditions of the country are stable too. so, even if it is hit by a natural disaster, it can survive.


Singapore enjoys a great geo-strategic position. It is encased between Borneo and Malaysia and that makes it safe from natural disasters. The country is home to diverse society as it has the history of multi-culturalism.


Estonia also lacks real natural disasters. The country only has to bear cold weather, nothing more serious.

The countries that are most susceptible to natural disasters include Tonga, Vanuatu, Bangladesh and Philippines Guatemala. Their geographical position makes them highly exposed to natural disasters. These countries lack means of coping with the natural disasters as they are not economically strong.

So, if you want to move to a peaceful country that is the safest from natural disaster, you know where to go now.

Rank Country Risk (%)
171 Qatar 0.08
170 Malta 0.60
169 Saudi Arabia 1.14
168 Barbados 1.32
167 Grenada 1.43
166 Iceland 1.52
165 Bahrain 1.69
164 Kiribati 1.78
163 United Arab Emirates 1.97
164 Sweden 2.12


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