List of Muslim Countries in the World

Muslim Countries

After Christianity, Islam is the second largest religion all over the world. The regions where Muslims can be found in majority cover Middle East and Africa. But as a result of Muslim immigration to the rest of the world, Muslims began to spread in other foreign places as well like American and European countries. A Muslim country, also known as Islamic state is a country where they follow the Islam for the basis of its government, social norms and laws. Let’s find out more about the Muslim countries in the world.

Muslim Countries

Following are the countries where Muslims dominate the total population:

1.      Morocco

Morocco is that country where almost 99% of the entire population is Muslim with the majority of them being Sunnis of the Maliki School of teaching. In the earlier times, Morocco was ruled by many Muslim leaders who established Islam as the dominant religion of the country. Today, Islam is practiced by the people but in a lenient way than it used to be in the earlier times. Morocco also accepts the ideas and beliefs of the Non-Muslims and has tolerance of their practices of religion.

2.      Algeria

More than 90% of the country’s population follows Islam as their religion. Algeria started to follow the religion in the 670’s. Here, one can find majority of Sunni Muslims whereas, Shias, Ibadi and Ahmadi Muslims are also to be seen. Algeria is that country where Islam reflects in every aspect, whether it is the behavior and ethics within the people, politics or law. Even though it is a Muslim country, many people with different faiths can also be seen here practicing their own religion.

3.      Turkey

The total population of the country is about 77 million whereas, the Muslim population of the country is 75 million, but despite this, it’s still surprising why Turkey calls itself as a secular state. In turkey, religion is not to be involved with the state affairs. 72% of the Muslims in Turkey are Sunnis while 25% of them are Alevis. Even though it is mandatory to teach Islamic knowledge in every school, establishment of such faith based schools are still restricted.

4.      Iran

Most of the people in Iran used to follow Christianity, Judaism or Zoroastrianism before it became a Muslim country. Iran is now that country where more than 78 million people are Muslims; however, it is such country where 90% of the Muslims are Shias while the remaining are Sunnis. The country was declared as Islamic Republic after the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

5.      Egypt

Around 94.7% of the country’s population is Muslim which makes Islam as a dominant religion in the country. Sunni Muslims are found to be in majority whereas different sects like Ahmadi and Shias are also there but in minority. In Egypt, symbols of Islam are reflected in many ways; art, architecture and culture of the country. Cairo, a city in Egypt is one of the famous places where if anyone wants to enjoy the Islamic architecture and art, can go there.worldatlas). Cairo, a city in Egypt is one of the famous places where if anyone wants to enjoy the Islamic architecture and art, can go there.

6.      Nigeria

Nigeria is that country where Christianity and Islam both can be seen equally in majority. The country is considered to be the largest in West Africa by number of Muslims living here. Majority of Muslims consists of Sunnis while the rest in minority are Shias. Like Turkey, Nigeria is also a secular state. Islam is not a dominant religion in the Southern Nigeria whereas, it is in the Northern part of the country.

7.      Bangladesh

Like Turkey, Bangladesh was also regarded as a secular state but until recently, it has changed its states religion to the moderate Islam. 93% of the country’s population embraces Islam as their religion. Personal legal matters like divorce, marriage affairs and inheritance are based on Islamic law that is handled by the Muslim judges also referred to as Qazis.

8.      India

It may sound surprising to find India in the Muslim countries list but the fact is that India is that country where one can find the second largest population of Muslims in the world. According to some recent studies, it is also said that by the time it is 2050, India will take over Indonesia as being the largest population of Muslims in the country. It is because of Persian missionaries and Arabic traders that Islam was introduced in the country. Even though, India is that country where Muslims and Hindus were together during the British rule and Muslims then later demanded a separate country, Pakistan, which was further, divided in Bangladesh; there were still many Muslims in India after the whole separation and partition. India is also a secular democratic country where different religions are allowed to practice their own faith.

9.      Pakistan

The reason why Pakistan is called Islamic Republic of Pakistan is because Islam is the official religion in the country. A very small population of the country consists of Christian and Hindus. Most of the Muslims in the country are Sunnis but still Pakistan is known to have biggest number of Shias after Iran.

10. Indonesia

Even though, Indonesia is a secular state, it has Muslim population at its largest in the world which means Islam is the most dominant religion in the country. 99% of the Muslims in Indonesia follow the Shaffi School of Sunni jurisprudence, whereas, Shia and Ahmadi Muslims occupy the minority of the country. In Indonesia, Muslims can be classified in two groups; the modernists Muslims and the traditional ones.

Source: World Atlas & Wikipedia

Countries Population (in millions) % of Muslim Population
Afghanistan 34.66 99.8
 Algeria 40.61 98.2
 Egypt 95.69 90
 Iran 80.28 99.7
 Iraq 37.2 98.9
 Jordan 9.456 93.8
 Kuwait 4.053 74.1
 Lebanon 6.007 59.7
 Libya 6.293 96.6
 Malaysia 31.19 61.4
 Maldives Island 5 100
 Mauritiana 4.301 100
 Morocco 35.28 99
 Pakistan 193.2 96.4
 Saudi Arabia 32.28 97.1
 Somalia 14.32 98.9
 Tunisia 11.4 99.8
 UAE 9.27 76
 Yemen 27.58 99
 Indonesia  261.1  88.1
 India 1.324 (billion) 14.2
 Bangladesh  163 93
 Turkey 79.51  99.8
 Nigeria 186 50

Adherents of Islam constitute the second largest religious group in the world. According to various researches conducted, it is said that Muslims make up 24% of the world’s population. Islam is the dominant religion in North Africa, Middle East, Indonesia, Central Asia and Sahel and some other parts of Asia too. The above mentioned countries are the top most Islamic countries name where Muslims can be seen in majority and Islam being the dominant religion.

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