List of Countries with Strongest Armies in World

Powerful Army Countries

In today’s time it is almost mandatory for every country to maintain an army and weapons due to uncertainty of situations. Armies are considered to play an important role in dealing with different security risks. Maintaining peace and security within the country is the ultimate role of army which is why every nation has several strengths. These strengths include advanced training, technologies, number of allies, power, allocation of budget for military and the size of army. These are the factors that make a country’s army strongest and largest. Let’s find out about the top 10 armies in the world that highly possess these factors.

Countries with powerful Army

1.      The United States

When talking about the strongest and most powerful army in the world, the United States tops the list. Not only its army is considered to be the strongest but also best equipped as it spends more money than any other country having a large army. The budget allocated for defense in US is $610 billion which is actually bigger than the total sum of the remaining nine countries combined. It has by far the most advanced technologies, most aircrafts and best trained human force in the world.

2.      Russia

Russia and China are the biggest rivals of United States but still maintains second and third position as the world’s largest army. Russia has maintained a strong army year after year specially after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The defense has a drive for constant development in terms of weapons whether small or large which can be seen by the fact that it puts great effort and priority on manufacturing some of the strongest weapons on the planet.

3.      China

It should come as no surprise that China is on the list of countries that have the largest army. With having nearly 700 ships and 3000 aircrafts, China comes as the 3rd largest country to have a strong defense. Few years back, it also massively increased its defense budget by 12.2% which is why China has grown in terms of both capability and size in the past few years (businessinsider). In terms of raw man power, China has the largest army in the world where as it comes second in having the largest tank fleet.

4.      India

India stands as the 4th most countries having the largest army due to the fact of what it learnt from the British army of which it greatly expanded upon. India has a military budget of $53 billion, navy holding of 300 ships and an air force of 2000 aircrafts which makes it one of the strongest armies in the world. It has put a large proportion of its population in the army which is why India is regarded as a country that has the best armies in the world in terms of its size.

5.      The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a part of this list as its army prefers diversity when it comes to recruiting. The UK army not only consists of men from Wales, Scotland, Britain and North Ireland but also from Canada, Nepal and Kenya. The defense budget of the country isn’t much as compared to the remaining countries in the top 5; however, the army of the UK is still a strong one due to nuclear weapons, equipment and strong training.

6.      France

France’s army is often made fun of as being called as the White Flag Army; it still has a remarkably powerful army which makes it rank as 6th position in this list. Even though the defense jobs were reduced down by 10% in 2013 which made the military in size relatively small, it is still highly professional, trained and capable of force projection. The budget, number of aircrafts and ground vehicles that France contains might not make its army the largest but the total 290 nuclear weapons surely does strengthen the country.

7.      South Korea

South Korea has been increasing its defense budget due to two factors; constant threat from North Korea and an increase in armament by China and Japan. For its small size, the country still maintains a huge military force which is well trained and routinely participates in military exercise with the United States.

8.      Germany

Germany is the only country among the NATO nations which uses Russian manufactured military aircraft. Germany is well funded with having an annual budget of $36 billion, despite having a lower naval count and aircrafts and a big number of military force.  As compared to other countries, the army’s condition is not that strong perhaps because the people who were born and grown up in the 50’s and 60’s were against war and under a fear of being beaten by the world’s strongest armies.

9.      Turkey

Considering the situation going on with the next door Syrian war that caused  turkey a bit of a trouble and a recently failed coup attempt by the army, one may think that Turkey’s military may be at its downfall. However, that is not the case here. The country played a vital role in recent wars and peace keeping which is why it has some strong equipment as well as army.

10. Israel

Israel significantly spends more than its neighbors on defense budget. Even though Israel is last on this list in terms of power of the army, it still is considered powerful due to maintaining mutually beneficial partnership with almost every country in this list. What makes Israel as a largest army is that the defense is well equipped and since the country is known for its intensive research, new defense measures are always being developed.

Source: Global Fire Power

Countries World Ranking Active Military
United States 1 1,373,650
Russia 2 798,527
China 3 2,260,000
India 4 1,362,500
United Kingdom 5 151,175
France 6 204,000
South Korea 7 627,500
Germany 8 180,000
Turkey 9 382,850
Israel 10 168,250

Almost every country has an army that protects it against the internal and external threats but no wonder; the above mentioned countries are regarded as the top 10 armies in the world due to some extraordinary qualities. These nations possess some of the best human force, equipment, technology, training, defense budgets and most of all professionalism which makes them different and highly powerful.

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