List of Most Corrupt Countries in the World

World's Most Corrupt Countries

Corruption means anything that is done through wrong means for personal gain. We cannot target a specific race or type of people who are involved in corruption activities as it is spread all over the world. The only difference is that some countries have a lot of corruption whereas some are less corrupted. The third world countries are more prone to such activities due to the low literacy levels and poor state structure. Here we have compiled a list that covers the ten most corrupted countries in the world according to the corruption perception index 2016.

Most Corrupt Countries in the World

1.     South Sudan

South Sudan has officially gained independence in 2011 unlike its parent country that got independent in 1956. It can be said that South Sudan is still at its infant stage and doesn’t have a proper government systems and structures which has led to increase opportunities for corrupt people to join in as politicians. Another issue that lies here is that there are around 200 different ethnic groups in the country due to which they have no sense of nationhood among them.

2.     Eritrea

Every year corruption is getting to its worst stage in Eritrea. Eritrea had always isolated itself from the rest of the world and it is only now that it has open its doors for the foreign countries which has led to create many opportunities for the country like increase in commercial activities. The corrupt politicians saw this as an opportunity for them to make money out of it which is why Eritrea is also included in our list as the most corrupt country in the world.

3.     Libya

Libya is among those countries that has faced much turmoil over the past few years. The government saw its downfall when the people came out and protested. Libya is still in chaos where no official government has still taken over. The rebels took charge of Libya and the first thing that was their priority was to enrich themselves. The revenues that came from the oil production were going in their pockets which resulted in no development in the state.

4.     Venezuela

Talking about corrupt countries includes Venezuela as a mess. The elected government official in 1998, Hugo Chavez caused a number of issues. Not only him but later when the oil reserves were nationalized, they created more problems for the country as the money which was supposed to be utilized for the people was straightaway going in the pockets of the government officials.

5.     Sudan

Old conflicts between the ethnic groups and competing parties have been a factor that have destabilized Sudan’s ability to operate efficiently as an economic state which turned into effecting the lives of the citizens. Sudan has also been plagued by the civil wars since its independence. Also, despite being a country with massive oil reserves, it is still one of the poorest countries in the world.

6.     Afghanistan

Afghanistan is given the nickname of “the graveyard of empires” because of the reason that it is run by the central government who of course lacks power to control the country. The government officials are also carved up by various warlords and tribal leaders. The location of Afghanistan between the war countries has affected its ability to function as a proper government. The rebels have a power to take active part and say in the government matters which has turned Afghanistan in the world’s most corrupt countries (cheatsheat).

7.     Iraq

The current situation of affairs in Iraq is pretty messy. After the second American invasion in fifteen years, the withdrawal of US forces has left a virtual power with the country where different sectors are fighting amongst each other for power. Besides the fights between the sects, Iraq’s massive oil reserves are also a source to create corruption in the Iraq where everyone is interested in the money they can make through illegal production and exploration.

8.     Somalia

It’s been so many years now since Somalia has witnessed a stable government. It is that country which is said to be the most unstable one in the entire planet (New York Times). The unstable government of Somalia has created ways for corruption and mismanagement of funds of the public. The reason why nothing can become of Somalia is that majority of the people here are illiterate therefore, they cannot take a stand and demand from their government.

9.     North Korea

The inner workings of the government of North Korea are pretty mysterious. Nobody can predict what goes on with the government which is why despite receiving aids from the foreign countries; North Korea still cannot produce enough food and fuel for its citizens for their care. Another reason why North Korea is added in our list is due to the fact that their government has always prioritized military warfare over social and economic development of the country.


Corruption in Nigeria is so common that even a local person from whom you would want to ask directions will ask for bribe first in order to help you. Nigeria possesses so much of oil that everyone is looking for a chance to get into a higher position so they could benefit from it and steal some of the revenues for themselves.


Countries Ranking out of 176  Score out of 100 
South Sudan 175 11
Eritrea 164 18
Libya 170 14
Venezuela 166 17
Sudan 170 14
Afghanistan 169 15
Iran 166 17
Somalia 176 10
North Korea 174 12
Nigeria 136 28

Every country is a part of corruption in different forms whether it is bribery, lobbying, money laundering or what so ever. But according to the global corruption index, the major reasoning for corruption for these third world countries are mainly because of low literacy rate among the citizens and poor state structures. These countries should work together and find out ways in order to cope of with corruption. Creating transparency and openness, paying civil servants well and establishing international conventions are some of the ways which can help in reducing corruption.Other Interesting:

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