What are the Most Christian Countries in the World?

Most Christian Countries

Christianity is found to be the largest religions in the world. It is found in great numbers in different countries of Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. The Bible is considered to be the holy book of Christians. They believe in God as the father, Jesus as God’s son and the Holy Spirit. Finally, the churches are to be considered holy with the saints. Christians from all over the world mostly visit churches on Sundays as a practice of their rituals. Here is a list compiled of the most Christian countries in the world.

Most Christian Countries

Following are the countries where Christianity is practiced today:

1.      The Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the largest countries in Africa and second largest in terms of having the most Christian population in Africa. Almost 95% of the country’s population is Christian. The faith of the population of the country is possibly from their time spent as a colony of Belgium. Today, the Democratic Republic of Congo is among the top 10 most Christian countries in the world.

2.      Ethiopia

Being a small country with a small population, Ethiopia is one of those places which is considered to be the first ones to embrace Christianity as a religion. In other words, it can also be said that out of all the countries in the list, Ethiopia is one such country that has been Christian longer than anyone else. Talking about today’s times, it can be witnessed that almost the entire population of the country is Christian. Another important fact to be taken into account is that the country may host up to 2.4 % of the world’s Christians, but 100% of the earth’s Christians come from Ethiopia.

3.      Germany

The powerhouse of Europe, Germany, has been Christian for as long as it’s been German which contributes around more than 50 million of the world’s population as Christians. Germany has always been known to be the biggest supporters of the Catholic Church which itself attracts more than half of the country’s population towards Christianity. Even though, many Germans may have branched out, their faith to Christianity is still strong and today around 68.7% of them are Christians.

4.      China

It’s obvious that china is always going to be in the list of Christian countries as being the top five largest countries according to the land area and largest total population on earth, China is that country which has the world’s 7th largest Christian population. Even though, China is also known as a country where about half of the country’s population is not defined with any religion (atheists), Christianity is still the largest religion in China.

5.      Nigeria

Nigeria is the largest country in Africa in terms of number of population. Almost half of the people in Nigeria are Christians and the other half are Muslims, which makes Nigeria as a country where one can find the most Muslims and believers of Jesus in the world. Nigerian Christians also claim a link to Irish Christians as they share a Patron saint with St. Patrick.

6.      Philippines

If we talk about Asia, Philippines is the top country where people have embraced Christianity as their religion. The case of the people in Philippines is different; they have not embraced Christianity because of their ancient Asian ancestors or because Jesus was sent here by god, in fact, they started following Christianity in the 15th century where now one can see 92% of their people as Christians.

7.      Russia

Being a transcontinental country that has around 144 million people as its population, about 104 million of them are Christians which makes 72% of the country’s population. This makes Russia as a largest country of Europe having so many Christians living on its land. In Russia, one cannot find any division between Christians as there are only catholic Christians found. Overall, Russia contributes approximately 4.8% Christians in the world.

8.      Mexico

Mexico can be related the same way as with Philippines. Mexicans were those people who were new to the religion and converted massively to Christianity in big numbers (therichest). This makes Mexico as that country where there are 107 million people as Christian of which all of them are Catholics like the Russians. Mexico is that nation which has the third most Christians found in the world.

9.      Brazil

Not only one of the largest countries of South and Latin America, but it is also a home of the largest population of Christians, thus making it the second largest country of Christians in the world. Brazil is a perfect example of being a nation of the shift where over 88.9% of Brazilians is identified as Christians which in result makes up as 8% of the total world as Christians by Brazil.

10. United States

There’s no doubt to it that United States is one of the top Christian countries that makes up to 11.2% of the world’s population of Christians. USA is that country which has one of the largest populations of about 321 million people out of which 254 million of them are Christians, both Protestants and Catholics. Today, about 78% of the citizens of United States are Christians which is still an enormous amount considering the population size of the nation.

Countries Christian Population (millions) % of Country’s Population as Christians
The United States 246.78 79.5
Brazil 175.70 91.4
Mexico 107.10 97.5
Russia 105.77 73.6
Philipines 90.53 92.4
Nigeria 80.28 50.8
Germany 50.9 63
 Ethiopia 54.97 64.5
 The Democratic Republic of Congo 68.55 95.6
 Italy 54.07 91.5

Considering the size of the country’s population, its history and the land area of the nations, it is no surprise to anyone that the above mentioned countries are the top ten most Christian nations in the world. Being one of the oldest religions, Christianity today is followed by around 2.2 billion people worldwide making it one of the largest religions of all times. Currently, more and more people are either converting into Christianity or out of it every day.

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