Which Country Drinks the Most Alcohol?

Most Alcoholic Countries

From one country to another in the world, the relationship of people with liquor keeps varying. The World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed some regional trends about the countries that drink the most alcohol to figure out the global status in liquor to fight the harmful use of it and avoid the negative social and health consequences.

Which Country Drinks the Most Alcohol?

For the complete detail of the countries by alcohol consumption, see below list:

1.      Belarus

Belarus is that country which is highly known for its people consuming the most liquor and as a result, these people are facing some serious health related consequences. If one checks out the data of the reasons of death in the country, it can be said that around 35% of the factors for death are due to alcohol consumption. An average Belarusian consumes 17.32 liters of alcohol per year which gives it a top spot when it comes to most alcoholic country.

2.      Republic of Moldova

Despite being an underdeveloped country that has a GDP per capita of $3,562, Moldova is such country where the residents consume liquor at a higher rate. Considering the size of the economy of Moldova, it surely questions how such a poor country is getting access towards alcohol. As a fact, Moldova is that country where illegal alcohol consumption exceeds government authorized liquor consumption. Approximately, 1/3rd of the country’s deaths are caused by high consumption of alcohol and even though it is a known fact in Moldova, there are still higher chances of increase in the rate of liquor intake by the people.

3.      Lithuania

Generally, it can be seen that the consumption of alcohol is done majorly by men than women if compared, but in Lithuania, women are no less and are actively involved in binge drinking than in any other country. According to researches, more than 30% of deaths in Lithuania are due to heavy consumption of alcohol. In spite of Lithuania controlling and monitoring its liquor consumption of people and measuring its health and social consequences, drinking alcohol is still considered as a national problem.

4.      Russia

Russia is not far behind when it comes to most alcoholic countries. Like other countries, Russia is also included as one where most deaths are occurred due to high intake of liquor. According to one of the researches, it was concluded that adults in Russia have an extraordinarily higher rates of early deaths due to high consumption of alcohol that contributed to premature death in the country.

5.      Romania

As compared to older people in Romania, there is a high rate of drinkers among young Romanians. In fact, these young Romanians belong to the age group of 15 to 19 that are addicted to the habit of binge drinking (marketwatch). This one of the major reasons why such young deaths are often reported in Romania as men included in this age group are more into binge drinking.

6.      Ukraine

Ukraine is that country where teenagers (both male and female) of age 15 and older are engaged in binge drinking. This proves the fact that because they look older, it is easy to have access to alcohol in the country. In addition to its current political chaos, the country has struggled with the effects of heavy liquor consumption for some time. Percentage of deaths that are reported by consumption of alcohol in Ukraine is 34.4% which makes it the second highest in this category.

7.      Andorra

Andorra, a small country between Spain and France in the Pyrenees mountains contributes a lot to the country’s GDP through its tourism industry. The alcohol production and access in Andorra was relatively less than in any other liquor drinking countries which prove the fact that the demand for alcohol by the alcoholics is fairly met by legal channels. Generally, people in Andorra like to have wine over other drinks. One thing that makes Andorra better than other alcoholic countries is that people here are not involved in binge drinking.

8.      Hungary

Even though the consumption of alcohol is lesser than other countries, Hungary tops the list having a highest rate where most of the population of the country abused alcohol in some form and are involved in alcohol use disorders. Not only men, but women in Hungary are equally involved in participation of alcohol consumption and suffer from alcohol use disorder which is highest amongst any other country.

9.      Czech Republic

Czech Republic is that country where males take the top spot when it comes to binge drinking whereas, females top the spot when it comes to women who drank the most alcohol per capita out of the number of countries mentioned in this list (usatoday). Czechs prefer drinking beer as their alcohol beverage than anything else. One of the factors why Czech Republic is added in the list of most alcoholic countries is due to the negligent alcoholic policies. It is because of it that there is no monitoring of social or health consequences of liquor in the country by any institution which includes government as well.

10. Slovakia

The rate of consumption of liquor by men is considerably more in Slovakia than females like in any other country where they prefer having vodka as their alcohol beverage rather than beer or wine or any other form. In general, people of Slovakia have bad drinking habits which can be proved by the fact that more than 10% of people that age 15 or plus had alcohol use disorders including its dependency.

Source: World Atlas and CBS News

Countries Gal/person Alcohol per Capita Consumption (liters)
Belarus 4.00 14.69
Lithuania 3.97 14.30
Russia 4.16 11.20
Andorra 4.09 13.31
Hungary 4.30 11.21
The Czech Republic 4.35 12.47
Slovakia 3.52 10.64
Portugal 3.84 10.30
Estonia 4.11 14.97
Ireland 3.81 11.75
France 3.61 11.40
Luxembourg 3.44  11.28
 Germany 3.38  10.94
 Croatia 3.99  10.63
Slovenia 4.01  10.32
 Latvia 3.30  10.21

Even though alcohol is pretty common in every other country these days, there is a strong need to control and regulate the consumption of it by the concerned authorities to avoid any disorders or premature deaths due to alcoholism. Public health awareness and efforts should be made in order to guide people about effects of alcoholic consumption. The above mentioned countries truly depict the total consumption and effects due to alcohol which should be a lesson for everyone.

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