Which Countries are Least Religious in the World?

Least Religious Countries

The religiously detached people are increasing significantly in number in today’s world. Even though religion continues to play an important part in worldly issues, it is interesting to figure out which countries are the least religious in the world. Here are some countries where religion is not an important part of daily lives for most of the citizens; hence, they are regarded as the least religious countries in the world.

Least Religious Countries

Here’s the list of countries where religion is not considered as very important:

1.      China

China might not be top at anything else but it dominates all other countries in the world as being the least religious one. More than half of the population of China is known to be as non-believers. Although, in China, 5 official religions are recognized; Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism and Protestantism where the state is known to allow and practice any religion they want while also encouraging atheism (independent.co.uk). However, the Communist party holds the right to persecute any religion which becomes a threat to the nation.

2.      Japan

Japan is the second least religious country in the world where citizens only practice superficial religious activities like traditional marriages; however, formal religion is not followed by more than half of the population of japan.  Around 31% of Japanese consider themselves as atheists and where the remaining who are left of at least believing in religion, they are either Buddhist or follow Shintoism.

3.      Estonia

Around 84% of the population of Estonia does not believe in that religion plays an important role in their lives. Only about 1/5th of the country’s population are connected to churches and other religious associations where one can mostly find these religious practicing places empty even on the most pious days i.e. Sundays for churches. Despite having a majority that are non – believers of the religious systems, more than half of the country’s population can still be seen as having faith in spiritual forces in some ways.

4.      Sweden

Even though Sweden claims that 6.3 million of its people are affiliated to church, in reality, only 5% of the country’s population can be seen as church goers. However, a Christian tradition like Lucia is celebrated popularly all over Sweden. In recent years, a large number of immigrants arriving in this country are the reason why Islamic mosques can be seen filled and growth in Jewish synagogue attendance can be witnessed.

5.      Denmark

Just like its neighboring country Sweden, Denmark is also one of the least religious countries in the world. Denmark is considered to be as a best country where one wants to live like an atheist. 19% of the population is considered to be religious but only to the point where they are active in only playing a ceremonial role in their lives. In other words, it can be said that any individual of the country can enjoy Christmas without the need to believe about what actually Christmas is all about and where did it come from.

6.      Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is known worldwide to be a secular country where people have lack of formal affiliation to churches in any part of the country and have very low attendance. Only 23% of the population of Czech Republic regards religion as an important part of their daily lives. An interesting fact about Czech Republic is that many people believe in invisible religions or magic such as magical properties of lucky charms and powers of the fortune tellers.

7.      Hong Kong

The religious beliefs among the people of Hong Kong can be seen as very minimum as only 24% of the citizens vouch for religion being an important role in their lives. Hong Kong, being a special administrative region of China is still more religious when compared to China (worldatlas). The country has a great percentage of atheists but the good part is that every believer has been allowed to practice their own religion without any interference of the state.

8.      Netherlands

Netherlands is a country where one can find atheists in majority than religious believers according to the research conducted by Ipsos. A large number of populations of Netherlands lie in the large area between believers and atheists. It is said that 26% of the people of Netherlands consider religion as an important aspect of their lives.

9.      United Kingdom

With time, the belief of and from religion in the United Kingdom is diminishing from the country which makes UK as one of the least religious countries in the Europe. One of the researchers conducted a study where it was proved that 1 out of 5 people of UK are atheist (which makes a large number in percentage). An interesting survey conducted by Huff Post UK declared results that more than half of the citizens of UK believe that religion doesn’t do any good to people than it does harm to them.

10. Vietnam

One of the reasons for Vietnam being on our list of least religious countries in the world is that the influence of communist rule and Marxist Leninist philosophy in the country has brought the atheist culture among the residents of Vietnam. However, those who truly believe in religion, Buddhism is practiced by them which is then followed by Christianity and then other smaller minorities.

Source: Telegraph UK

Countries Ranking as Least Religous % of Religous People
China  1  7
 Japan  2 13
 Estonia  3 16
 Sweden 4  19
 Denmark  5  19
 Norway  6  21
 Czech Republic  7  23
 Hong Kong  8  26
 Netherlands  9  26
 United Kingdom  10  30
 Israel  11  30
 New Zealand  12  33
 Vietnam  13  34
Germany  14  34
Australia  15  34
 Azerbaijan  16 34
 Belaraus  17  34
 Cuba  18  34
 Spain  19  37
 Switzerland  20  38
 Albania  21  39
 Hungary  22  39
Austria  23  39
Luxembourg  24  39

Many researches have been conducted which prove the above to be the most atheist countries in the world. Findings of such studies also prove that people that fall under the age of 34 are more religious believers than those who fall under any other age brackets. Education is also considered to be one of the factors according to the recent studies due to which there is an increase in the quantity of non-believers in various countries.


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