List of Least Corrupt Countries in the World

Least Corrupt Countries

Corruption is one such thing that destroys every country. Unfortunately, it is something that is found in every country, either too much or less but it is there. It would be surprising if there is any country that comes under the list of non-corrupt countries though. There are many countries that are highly unethical but then there are countries which have corruption at its lowest level too. For a change, this time we will be talking about the countries that have least corruption according to the Corruptions Perception Index (CPI).

Least Corrupt Countries

1.      Canada

The parliamentary system of Canada is divided into three main branches; Senate, Monarch and the house of commons. Something that makes Canada as a least corrupt country is the fact that the parliamentary system there is open and democratic. Apart from its parliamentary system, Canada is known for its educational system, high quality life and government transparency which are some of the factors that help in making it as a least corrupt country.

2.      Luxembourg

Luxembourg comes off as one of the richest as well as smallest countries in the Euro Zone. Apart from it being the smallest and richest countries in the world, something that makes it great is the fact that it is also those countries that have corruption at its least. Luxembourg has a unitary parliamentary system along with a constitutional monarchy. Their government plays an active role in implementing anti-corruption laws in the state which is why its administration and judiciary is pretty transparent too.

3.      Netherlands

Like Luxembourg, Netherlands also has a parliamentary system that consists of unitary parliamentary with a constitutional monarchy. The current king, King Willem Alexander is in charge of appointing politicians and mayors to the government. To keep the corruption level at its lowest, the Dutch government likes to keep transparency in its judiciary and administrative system and follows effective anti-corruption programs.

4.      Singapore

Singapore is that country which is located in that part of the world where dishonesty is often taken for granted but the strict policies and measures taken by the country has pushed it far ahead of its neighboring countries when it comes to dealing with corruption. Singapore has a special agency named as “Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau” that deals with corruption based activities and takes legal actions accordingly.

5.      Switzerland

The best part about Switzerland that makes it one of the least corrupt countries in the world is that it follows a federal directional democratic republic system for its government where people have a say and right to influence activities of government through suitable polls. This sort of democracy makes its government as the most stable democratic system in the world. The strong legal framework and effective channels of anti-corruption laws also play a vital role in making it as a least corrupt country.

6.      Norway

Bribery and administrative unfairness are something that is rarely heard in a country like Norway. The judiciary of Norway is a completely independent institution from the executive and legislative branches which clears the idea that every institution is a self-regulating authority and does not have any influence over others. Norway also has an efficient and strict anti-corruption law that helps in keeping the public sectors of Norway stable at its highest standard.

7.      Sweden

Sweden is known for its effectiveness in fighting corruption where government agencies are highly known for high degree of transparency. Sweden is also highly characterized for its equality, high standards of living, health, education and human development. The government agencies of the country have considered corruption as an abuse of power which is why they have a very crystal clear system to avoid biasness in such institutions.

8.      Finland

Finland is one of those countries which is known be as an almost non-corrupt countries because of non-existent corruption in businesses, citizens and administrations. The political leaders of Finland are honest and fair and stand strong against corruption. The independent and strong judiciary and legal system also lowers the chances of all sorts of corruption in the country. The government makes sure to maintain a highly transparent mechanism and well-organized reliable systems in the country.

9.      New Zealand

The system of New Zealand comprises of the parliaments as well as a constitutional monarchy. The country follows the West Minster model. Corruption is at its lowest in New Zealand because all the higher authorities and institutions are independent in nature which helps in maintaining impartiality and accountability among the anti-corruption authorities.

10. Denmark

Finally, talking about the least corrupt country, Denmark tops the list where the business corruption, administrative corruption or literally any form of corruption is found very rare. Denmark has a constitutional monarchy as well as a unitary parliamentary system. Independent judiciary, transparent mechanism, civic activism, social trust and integrity are such things which make it as a top country in our list of least corrupt countries. Apart from this, Denmark has a high social mobility, high standard of living, equality and high literacy.

Countries Ranking Score out of 100
Denmark 1 92
New Zealand 2 91
Finland 3 89
Sweden 4 87
Norway 5 86
Switzerland 6 86
Singapore 7 84
Netherlands 8 83
Luxembourg 9 82
Canada 10 81
 Australia  11 80
Germany  12  79
 Iceland  13  79
 UK  14  78
 Belgium  15  76
 Japan  16  76
 Barbados  17  74
 Hong Kong  18  74
 Ireland 19 74
 United States  20  74
 Chile  21  73
 Uruguay  22  73
 Austria  23  72
 Bahamas  24  71
 UAE 25  70

The Corruption Perception Index has classified these countries as the lease corrupt ones on the basis of scores out of 100. According to the Corruption Perception Index, there is no country which is 100 percent free of corruption and no country which scores an absolute 100 index points but Denmark, out of all them tops them all. The Corruption Perception Index also ranks the territories and countries on the basis of how corrupt their administrative authorities, politicians, legal framework and judiciary system is on a scale of 0 to 100, where zero is regarded as highly corrupt and hundred as least corrupt or very clean. Denmark, New Zealand, Finland and Sweden are some of the countries with a high score hence, least corrupt of them all.

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