Top Countries that Attract International Students

International Students

As the world is going towards advancement, the demand for tertiary education has also risen throughout the world. Universities all over the world have started offering programs that are dedicated to attract international students so they can come and study in these countries. In the developing countries specially, studying abroad has always been considered a great option. Most of the students who go for studies end up settling in the host country with a better job, and making a better living for themselves. This is also beneficial for the students living in the developed countries themselves. They get a chance to broaden their horizons, gain knowledge, and learn new languages and skills.

List of Countries with Most International Students

Below is the list of countries with most international students. Have a look.

  1. USA:
    There is absolutely no doubt in what USA does in order to remain as the first economy. With the widest selection of top quality colleges, several world class institutions, USA is on the top when it comes to having international students. In fact, USA is so ahead in this that around almost 19% of the total international undergraduates are studying in the country. USA as a country attracts number of freshmen with providing a wide variety of institutes with prestigious Ivy League to affordable state schools. The great thing about USA is most of the International student body who are getting education are enrolled in the higher education program. According to UNESCO, USA tops the list for having the most international students.
  2. UK:
    United Kingdom whether it comes to having historical places, tourism or education, it has always been considered one of the top destinations, especially for the people of South Asia. The number of international students hosted by United Kingdom in their prestigious universities and institutions has always been astonishing. However, in the recent years there’s not been a quiet rise in the numbers for foreign students in the country as compares to other countries such as Australia, Germany and USA. The reason is because of the very high tuition fees for the overseas students. Therefore they choose Germany or Australia which are much cheaper as compare to UK. Nonetheless, there are still number of students who come to UK on scholarships and students who wants to have the best education always consider United Kingdom as one of their top study abroad destinations and priority. UK hosts around 500,000 international students, making it 10% of the total.
  3. France:
    When it comes to education, France has number of great institutions which offer programs and attract number of international students a chance to pursue their studies in France. According to the current academic climate, the number of international students studying in France has recently risen. Most of the international students that attend school in France, they come from northern African nations, China, and other European countries. There is always a mixed collection of students in the graduate and PHD studies. The courses that are frequently and constantly picked by international students are from study areas of economics, humanities and sports sciences. The number of international students keeps rising in France and making the country offer even more programs in the field of study.
  4. Australia:
    Australia is that one country which has been identified by students from all over Asia as one of the top destinations for studying abroad. With the number of undergrads and postgraduates Australia accepts and attracts, it has left giants like France and United Kingdom behind in the recent years and continues to stay in the top of the list for accepting greatest number of international students. A recent study in 2015 showed that around 645,000 international students were enrolled in Australia for studies and out of those 275,000 were enrolled in for tertiary education and others for ELICOS, vet, and other non-award education programs. Around 12% of the total international students seek education from Australia and are enrolled in one of the best universities of the country.
  5. Germany:
    First of all, the way Germany has managed to come this far even after all the wars and traumatic experience this country had to go through, is something to appreciate Germany for. When it comes to education, Germany is also that one country which inspires number of international students to come and pursue their education in Germany. In a recent report of 2014, it was suggested that Germany hosted more than 300,000 international students and selected them among the locals. Not only this, you know what is one of the biggest charm of studying in Germany? Despite having top quality education, Germany offers free tuition fee apart for students. How cool is that? This is the reason why Germany has the highest number of international students. If you are a student and have a great GPA or whatever method your country uses to grade students in high school, you have a great chance of getting into a world class university in Germany without worrying about paying the tuition fees. Around 6% of the total international students go to Germany for studies.
  6. Russia:
    Russia is one of the world’s largest nation, borders with European and Asian countries as well as the Arctic and Pacific oceans, it quite beautiful. The landscapes of Russia ranges from tundra, subtropical beaches to wild big forests.When it comes to education, Russia too, accepts and invite great number of freshmen to come and study in its country. From offering great courses, to offering perfect accommodation, there is absolutely no doubt as to why Russians are known for their hospitality and friendliness. Apart from offering great study programs, Russia offers number of scholarships and make sure the deserving candidate gets the opportunity to come and study in Russia.
S.No Countries Total number of students
1 USA 740,482
2 UK 427,686
3 France 271,399
4 Australia 249,588
5 Germany 206,986
6 Russia 173,627
7 Japan 150617
8 Canada 120,960
9 China 889,79
10 Italy 777,32
11 South Africa 704,28
12 Malaysia 636,25
13 South Korea 594,72
14 Austria 580,56
15 Netherlands 575,09
16 Spain 557,59
17 United Arab Emirates 541,62
18 Singapore 529,59
19 Egypt 490,11
20 Saudi Arabia 465,66

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