List of First World Countries

First World Countries

A country that has a highly developed infrastructure, economy, life expectancy, literacy, standard of living, education, population happiness, healthcare and child welfare is considered to be ranked as a highly developed country and is included in the list of first world countries. These are the variables that are taken into account to find out the scores of nations through various formulas and put them into ranking as which is the most highly advanced country. Let’s find about which of them are included in our list of first world countries.

First World Countries

Here’s the list of first world countries:

1.     Sweden

Sweden is one of those nations that is just perfect in every means. Although, Sweden is as small as the state of US, California, and has less population of about 9.3 million only but the people there are known to be some of the happiest in the world. They have a high mark in income, a stable maintained GDP, good and fair education system and a life expectancy of 80.9. Besides that, Sweden has very low unemployment rates as well as poverty rates.

2.     Germany

If we talk about the European Union, Germany is that country which has the highest economy. The population is very large too and the people have very high education standards with 99% literacy rate and 100% attendance. Germany is that country which flourishes in manufacturing and industry and is a major exporter in various goods like engineering and electrical products.

3.     Liechtenstein

What makes Liechtenstein in our first world countries list is that despite being one of the smallest ones and having a population of no more than 35,000, it still manages to keep its GDP at its highest and has almost no debt, unemployment rates or poverty (listverse). Even though being a small country, Liechtenstein has very low tax imposed on its people and is one of the wealthiest countries in the world due to investment from countries.

4.     Ireland

Ireland is also a member of European Union and is also regarded as first world countries as it has a highly modern industrialized economy which focuses mainly on high tech industries and services. Their economy is mainly dependent on investment, industry and trade. Ireland also has a life expectancy of 80.56 which is regarded to be as best quality of life.

5.     Canada

Geographically talking, Canada is one of the largest countries next to Russia which shares the largest border with the United States. Canada is known to be wealthiest in terms of its economy due to the service sector. It also has a high GDP due to the oil reserves and exports of minerals, food and energy. Canada also has an edge as a tourist destination which makes it a factor of being in our list. Other than that, the life expectancy of people in Canada is 81.67 years.

6.     New Zealand

This wealthy nation comprises of two main and any many other small islands. Their economy majorly depends upon agriculture but tourism and manufacturing also play a leading role in making the GDP of New Zealand at its highest. Its education, health care and literacy are all very high as well as its life expectancy which is 80.2 years. It is one such place that is a beautiful destination for the travellers with a serene landscape and biodiversity.

7.     United States of America

It would have come as a shock to all the readers if United States wouldn’t have been mentioned in first world countries list. World’s largest only national economy comes from United States which makes it the world’s leading economic power. United States GDP alone is almost a quarter of the total GDP of the world. The abundance of natural resources of country, highly advanced infrastructure, and productivity among the people is very high. Although, it lags a little behind than the rest of the country in terms of life expectancy (78.75 years), it is still considered to be as the most developed country.

8.     Netherlands

Netherlands is that place whose economy largely depends on foreign trade. The shocking part is that Netherlands was one of those countries whose economy was highly affected by the global financial crisis in 2008 but the recent GDP shows that it has picked up itself and made it one of the richest nations in the world.

9.     Australia

Australia, being one of the wealthiest in terms of economy due to agriculture, mining and service sector is listed as a 1st world country. Besides having a wealthy economy as a factor of being a first world country, civil rights, health care and human development also plays a major contribution in making it as a top highly developed country. The life expectancy is also very high of a person that is 82.07 years. The citizens are also known to maintain their highest living standards in the world.


Since the start of the industrial era, Norway is one country which has been growing since then. The main contributions to make it as a first world country are done by exports by the nation and abundance of natural resources like oil and gas. Norway has a strong welfare system and has a life expectancy of 80.57 years and a very high standard of living when talking about European countries. Norway is one of the top nations regarded as a first world country.


Countries Score GDP per Capita
Sweden 0.913 $49,700
Germany 0.926 $48,200
Liechtenstein 0.912 $139,300
Ireland 0.923 $69,400
Canada 0.920 $46,200
New Zealand 0.915 $37,100
USA 0.920 $57,300
Netherlands 0.924 $50,800
Australia 0.939 $48,800
Norway 0.949 $69,300
Belgium  0.896 $44,900
 Iceland  0.921  $48,100
Japan  0.903  $38,900
Hong Kong 0.917 $58,100
 UK  0.909  42,500
 South Korea  0.901  $37,900
Israel  0.899  $34,800
 France  0.897  $42,400
 Austria  0.893  $47,900
Slovenia  0.890 $33,100
 Luxembourg  0.898  $102,000
 Singapore  0.925  $87,100
 Denmark  0.925  $46,600

The term “First World” refers to the nations which are highly capitalist and industrialized countries. Whoever uses first world term today mostly considers the factors like highest standard of living, education level, literacy rate, unemployment and poverty rate, advanced technology and economy and the greatest influence in the world. Not only first world state considers all this but sometimes, comparison with the poor countries or developing countries are also taken into account. No wonder these are the nations that are best in terms of all the variables which is why they are officially ranked in the list of first world countries. See below links for second and third world countries.

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