Which Country Celebrates New Year First?

New Year Celeberations

A New Year means a new beginning, the start of everything all over again, new promises, a step ahead and something new to look forward to in life. It is for this reason that New Year’s Eve is considered to be a special occasion and in one way or the other people around the world spend times with their loved ones and friends and dedicate this eve to new promises and reliving the life. For many this night is also one that includes closure where they make peace with the past, forget the aspect of their life which brought them any sort of sorrow and decide to move ahead.

Countries around the Globe have different ways to celebrate this occasion; these include fire crackers or by hosting grand events, concerts and other entertainment for which people even start planning throughout the year. Countries like the US, the UK, Australia and Dubai are known for their grand and magnificent New Year celebrations which are broadcasted throughout media.

Following is the list of the countries in order of the first and last country to celebrate New Year:

  1. Kiribati- Christmas Island: First country to celebrate the new year is the Kiribati Island which enters the New Year a whole twenty-five hours before many other nations.
  2. New Zealand: Second in the list is New Zealand, the celebrations here are on a grand scale where people gather to celebrate and welcome the new year in a very festive way. The events and arrangements are done on a large scale and under the sky. The celebrations are considered important, and the festivities are linked to ancient times, people also travel from one city to another to celebrate the occasion. Where parties of modern time are held, traditional people also arrange prayers.
  3. Russia: New Year Celebration is quite an important matter in Russia, the country celebrates it in two forms, “old” New Year which is celebrated on the 14th of January and the “new” New Year celebration which is done along with the rest of the world on 1st of January. It is said that its bigger than Christmas for people here, concerts and fireworks are arranged all over the country with the greatest event organised at the Red Square. On this day Russian Santa(Ded Moroz ) visit kids, and in the place of elves, his granddaughter assist him so we can see what importance the event held for them.
  4. Australia: It is also an important factor in Australia like the rest of the western world, events, concerts, fireworks and other entertainments are arranged. Fireworks take place in all the major cities of the country in which Sydney hold quite an importance.
  5. Japan: Traditions and custom are rich when it comes to Japenese, the New Year here is a big deal as well, in the ancient time from 1603-1868 people were used to of a custom of eating soba buckwheat noodles on 31st of January before midnight and it was used to be considered for the good luck and long life, then from 1868-1912 and even now the importance of the first sunrise of the coming year is important as many prayers are made for good health and happiness. Decorations of entrances of both home and work are done and still, celebration is important in the country.
  6. North Korea: North Koreans were used to celebrate it according to the lunar calendar but with the passage of time the celebrations are now made with the westerns according to the Solar calendar and thus, the country has two starts for the year, like the rest of the world North Koreans also celebrate the it with their families, special kind of food is made, and their custom is to pay respect to their elders and hence, it carries a great importance.
  7. China: New Year Celebrations in China is also a big deal, and like the rest of the world they also begin the year with great enthusiasm but as the country follows the lunar calendar Chinese have their own way to celebrate it which are the public holiday in the country and is celebrated on an enormous scale across the country and even globe.
  8. Thailand: Beginning of year in Thailand is also of great importance and is a national holiday, the celebrations like the rest of the world are done in an excellent manner, parties are arranged, and people celebrate the occasion with their friends and families.
  9. Bangladesh: Concerts, events, fireworks, and much more is what it is composed of as the eastern countries also follow the western culture significantly. The new year here is also a great deal, many events are arranged, and people celebrate the beginning with their family and friends.
  10. India: Like the rest of the world New Year celebrations are a great deal in India. Concerts and fireworks are arranged, youngsters with their friends organise parties to celebrate all night. Special sales offer are also organised across the country, and like the rest of the western world, India celebrates it with great enthusiasm.

Source: World Time Zone

Countries Time Zone
Kiribati UTC +14:00
New Zealand UTC +13:45-13:00
Russia UTC +12:00
Australia UTC +11:00
Japan UTC +09:00
North Korea UTC +08:30
China UTC +08:00
Thailand UTC +07:00
Bangladesh UTC +06:00
India UTC +05:30

In the end, we can say that New Year celebration is a great deal wherever people are as it’s the new beginning, a new era and hold a lot of new promises for everyone. Every nation set a new goal and revise their old ones to progress better than before. Past mistakes are remembered, so they are not repeated, people across the world look forward, and revolutions are made to achieve the life goals, and hence it’s a new starting in everyone’s life, so it is of great importance across the globe.

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