Which Country Has Won Most Football World Cups?

Fifa World Cup

Football world cup, also known as FIFA World Cup, started in 1930 and the first ever tournament was held in Uruguay. It was the only tournament without a qualifying round. Only those countries were invited that were affiliated with FIFA. 13 countries were in the tournament and Uruguay became the first FIFA champion. Since the inauguration, the championship is awarded after every four years with the exception of 1942 and 1946.

The format of the competition has changed. There is a qualification phase that takes place over the proceeding of 3 years for determining which team will qualify for the tournament phase. This phase is also known by the name ‘World Cup Finals’. 32 teams (which also include the host team) compete in the finals over the period of one month in the host nation. So far, 20 World Cup tournaments have been held and they were won by 8 different teams.

In case you are wondering which country has won the most World Cups, the name is Brazil. It has won 5 times and surprisingly, it is the only team that got a chance to play in each tournament. Other winners include Italy and Germany, who won the title 4 times each, then come Argentina and Uruguay who won the title 2 times each and then France, Spain and England who won the title once each. There is no doubt World Cup is considered to be the most prestigious Association Football Tournament worldwide. On top of it, it is the top most viewed and followed sporting event. Yes, it even exceeds the Olympic Games.

Let’s have a look at the performance of the best national teams in world football history so far:


Many football teams have enjoyed periods of success which certainly lasted long but the way Brazil dominated the 1970 world cup, no team has been able to beat that so far.

Brazil won its first world cup in 1958 with the help of Pele, the 17-year old player, who scored a hat-trick against France in the semifinal. Later on, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002 were the next victorious years for the country. The tournament of 1970 made Brazil the greatest football team of all time. 2014 was a tough year for the Brazilians as they were the host country but they won the hearts of fans again by winning the World Cup at home.


The country made 61 impressive victories and won the FIFA world cup 3 times. 1954, 1971 and 1990 were the victorious years. One of their memorable wins was the tournament of 1974 in which Gerd Muller and Franz Beckenbauer contributed.

The most famous victory of the Germans is the 1954 world cup final in which West Germany had to erase a deficit of 2-0. They defeated Hungary by 3-2. The first world cup was won by Germany in 2014 when they played against Portugal.


Italy won the world cup four times, in 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006.  The country didn’t manage to win the 1970 World Cup but they sure did get the title of the ‘Game of the Century’. The 4-3 victory against West Germany was extremely hard.


Argentina has won 38 matches and the World Cup twice. Their first victory was against Netherlands at home in 1978. The second victory was marked in 1986 in Mexico.


Spain won the 2010 world cup along with 28 matches in total. The team that was lead by Coach Vicente Del Bosque was the most successful of all. Under his supervision, Spain won 3 major international competitions.


England has won 26 matches but its most tremendous win was the World Cup of 1996. They also won the 1966 tournament against West Germany in home with 4-2 score. Although they were the ones to create the very first Professional Football Association in the world but they had a hard luck performing on the big stage.

They had a bad start against Italy in 2014 as they lost with 2-1 in the very first match.


France has successfully recorded 26 world cup wins. They won the World Cup trophy in 1988 at home against Brazil with 3-0 due to Zinedine Zidane goals. 2006 wasn’t a good hear as Zizou was at the wrong end of the limelight when the team was playing against Italy.


Netherlands has enjoyed a number 23 world cup wins and they made it to the finals in 1974, 1978 and 2010. They had a hard luck winning but the team provided one of the most cherishing football moments in the 19070s.

The audience had low expectations when Netherlands in 2014, but luckily, Flying Dutchmen took a great start.


Uruguay only has 18 world cup wins but the team has enjoyed plenty of successful moments. They even managed to take home trophies in 1930 and 1950. Their first World Cup was against Argentine in the home soil and the second victory was against Brazil.


Russia has won 17 world cups tournaments so far. The success of 1960 semifinals was commendable. Currently, the team has grouped with Algeria, South Korea and Belgium.

Although some of the countries mentioned above did not win the World Cup title, but they managed to produce such tournaments with their performances that are still cherished by fans all over the world.

 Sr. # Countries WC titles
1 Brazil 5
2 Germany 4
3 Italy 4
4 Uruguay 2
5 Argentina 2
6 England 1
7 Spain 1
8 France 1

Winners of the Past Football World Cups

1930 Uruguay Uruguay 13
1934 Italy Italy 16
1938 Italy France 16
1950 Uruguay Brazil 13
1954 West Germany Switzerland 16
1958 Brazil Sweden 16
1962 Brazil Chile 16
1966 England England 16
1970 Brazil Mexico 16
1974 West Germany West Germany 16
1978 Argentina Argentina 16
1982 Italy Spain 24
1986 Argentina Mexico 24
1990 West Germany Italy 24
1994 Brazil United States 24
1998 France France 32
2002 Brazil Korea/Japan 32
2006 Italy Germany 32
2010 Spain South Africa 32
2014 Germany Brazil 32


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