Which Country has Most Freedom of Speech?

Countries with Most Freedom of Speech

People who do not get a chance to say what they want or do not stand up for what is right are always the ones who are left behind. Most people have a lot to say with all the wrong doings going on in the country but they never get a chance to because of the fear from the consequences. They have many beliefs and ideas to express but hesitate about the outcomes they will have to face. The right to freedom of speech is one of the most precious rights of an individual of a country that allows them to think and speak freely and to give their opinions of what they think should happen. Let’s find out about some countries with freedom of speech.

Countries with most freedom of speech

1. New Zealand

The number 1 country that allows freedom of speech the most is New Zealand. In New Zealand freedom of speech is as such that it provides more freedom to its residents living than in any other countries in the world. The right to freedom of speech for the citizens is mentioned in the 1990 Bill of Rights which states that everyone has the right to freedom of expression that includes freedom to receive, seek and impart opinions and information of any kind in any form.

2. United Kingdom

The tolerance towards freedom of speech in UK is what makes the country renowned all over the world. The country has also included in its laws the European Convention on human rights since 1998. Even though there’s convention on human rights, it means that in some cases certain limitations can be imposed on the practice of freedom of speech.

3. United States of America

The right to free speech in USA can be determined from the fact that it has a great history of freedom loving. United States is also called the Land of Free due to the freedom of expression and freedom of speech it allows to its citizens. The freedom of speech in the US is protected by many state constitutions and federal and state laws. It is also protected by the first amendment by the US constitution.

4. Australia

The constitution of Australia doesn’t really protect the right of freedom of speech however, in 1992 the high court of Australia held that a right to free speech and expression were implied in the constitution as far as public and political discussions were concerned. The right to free speech does not imply anywhere else except the political area officially. In short, the free speech right depends on the following;

  • Discussing political and government matters generally.
  • Discussing the conduct, fitness and performance for office of the members of State Legislatures and Commonwealth.
  • Relating to individuals performance of their duties as the members of parliament.

5. Japan

The freedom of speech now days in japan is constitutionally well protected. Initially it wasn’t like until the new constitution of 1946. Prior to the World War 2, the right to speech about freedom was severely limited and inhibited. The freedom of speech now in Japan is inhibited under the Newspapers Act, the Public Peace Preservation Act and the Publications Act. An important turnaround for the country is that Japan now stands as the fourth freest country on the basis of speech and expression in the world.

6. Canada

Being a country that is well known for the best education system in the world is now taking a great part in the liberation in the world. Every person in this country has the liberty and right to express and speech and also has the right to perform and work on his own ideas and beliefs. As a result, this makes Canada as number 2 in the ranking of being the freest countries in the world.

7. Ireland

Ireland is also among that country that is considered to be one of the most socially free in the world. The people living here enjoy all types of freedom that makes Ireland the best and free countries in the world. People here can share their views and ideas and have the right to speak and raise their voice whenever they want. It is the freest country on the basis of liberty of expression.

8. Chile

Chile being the ninth freest countries in the world in terms of expression and speech has its freedom guaranteed in the constitution of Chile. The country however has some restrictions, the two major media companies of Chile, El Mercurio and Copesa have control an about 90 percent of the newspapers of the country which is somewhat a problem in terms of media. The no government restriction on the internet then balances such restriction.

9. Portugal

Again, Portugal is among those countries that have freedom of speech as a part of their constitution. The country has an independent press, an effective system of courts of law to the administration of justice and a political democratic system which ensures the freedom with respect to speech, academia and press in the country.

10. Estonia

The article 45 of the Estonian constitution declares the right of expression and the right of speech to the people of the country. However, the political tensions between Russia and Estonia can affect the media freedom in the country which automatically changes the level of freedom speech as a whole in Estonia.

Summing it all up, I can say that freedom of speech is a right for every individual of a country and every country should allow its citizens to some extent with this basic right. The above mentioned countries are free in terms of expression of ideas and beliefs, speech, press and religion which is a basic right of every individual. For those who live in countries that have the most freedom of speech, it may seem like an everyday thing for them but for those who are still deprived of such right, they feel it as if it is a luxury or privilege.

Countries World Ranking Score
New Zealand 5 10.02
United Kingdom 38 21.8
United States of America 41 22.50
Australia 25 17.99
Japan 72 28.79
Canada 18 15.37
Ireland 9 12.35
Chile 31 19.32
Portugal 23 17.72
Estonia 14 14.34

Freedom of expression is always a delicate topic to talk about, because despite living in the 21st century, there are many threats against journalists. Making it profession becomes an increasingly dangerous journey in some countries.

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