Which Country has the Best Healthcare System?

Best Health Care System

Good health is highly beneficial for a person, healthy people can not only enjoy the happenings in life but a good healthy person adds more value to the overall society and is helpful in making his/ her own life even more meaningful. Similarly a state’s health care system is among the top influential and important contributing factors which result in the prosperity of the people of the country. Not only this, but it is highly important for the country’s monetary state, and also has a lasting impact on the life and well-being of common people. However, the best healthcare system is not determined by the size or by the power possessed by any specific country.

Countries with the Best Healthcare System

When you look at the records of the best healthcare system in the world 2016 or the best healthcare system in the world 2015, the rankings are almost the same. Here we list down countries with best medical programs and this will help to determine what country has the best doctors or medicinal facilities.

  1. France

For past several years, France healthcare system has bagged the top position in the best healthcare systems of the world; this is even accepted by WHO. The health-care system in France is a well blended mixture of private and public medicinal facilities and interestingly, everyone in France holds health insurance. France government is very efficient in the medical sector and pays almost 70% of the medical bills; the government spends highly on the well being of its people.

  1. Italy

Next best healthcare system in the world is with Italy. Though people can easily pay for their medical expenses but most of them don’t as the government pays for the medical purposes of its people. The greatest evidence to this is that Italy is among the countries with the highest life expectancy in the world and people spend the least on their medicine as contrast to many other countries of the world. Additional benefits are that the prescriptions are subsidized, along with free procedures and visits at public hospitals for those who engage in the national health coverage services.

  1. Andorra

Andorra though is a small country but it highly excels and is among countries with the best healthcare. They followed the system of France for their healthcare program and are now evaluated among the top countries. This is also recognized by WHO.  All the aid programs are run and coordinated by the government and they provide the maximum facility to their people.

  1. Malta

Malta comes among best healthcare providers in the world.  They follow the medical model of England for the private spending purpose in order to facilitate their people. Other than that the interesting fact is that all the citizens are provided with free aid facilities. Malta has a known history for best medical programs and there are weekly taxes payments which are made to facilitate those who pay taxes so they can access to government medicine services.

  1. Singapore

Surprising but true, Singapore is able to make its position in the top 10 best healthcare in the world 2016. The country has a high GDP growth and focuses highly on human development. Singapore medical is also a well managed blend of public and private companies. The government provides with all the basic healthcare facilities but for more complex treatments private services are also used. However the government manages the private sector as well.

  1. England

Like previous years, England is among best healthcare in the world 2016 as well. The healthcare services are free for everyone which is paid within the taxes. However if people want to opt, they can go for private facilities as well. The NHS is responsible for much of England’s health management system. This includes employing doctors and running hospitals. The reason for being among the top healthiest countries is due to inclusiveness, and the pricing of the services which are also very reasonable.

  1. San Marino

San Marino is a small country with a small population. This highly helps the government in managing and looking after the healthcare services which are being provided. San Marino has free medical services for all its citizens and this is compulsory. If people can afford private treatments they can even opt for it.  Even The WHO has given San Marino a top rank as having the best healthcare systems.

  1. Austria

Austria is among those countries which have the ideal healthcare services and have developed a model based on income-based pricing for health insurance. All the Austrian citizens have the right to basic healthcare services. Another interesting fact is that Austria provides free medical services to the people who are just visiting or are tourist there. Everyone in Austria has the free healthcare insurance but people who want can even pay for premium healthcare services and insurance.

  1. Japan

Among the best healthcare systems, Japan makes its way to the top 10 list. Japan has more interesting and effective ways to provide the people with healthcare benefits whether by the employers or by the national program. In Japan, the per-person medical expenditures are very low in contrast to other countries. Along this Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world. In addition to this, there is a very low infant mortality rate, and high illness recovery rates.

  1. Switzerland

Along with high living standards, Switzerland also has high healthcare system of the world. Though they don’t have complete free medical services but the government spending on healthcare is the second highest among all other countries. People opt for private healthcare plans but it is ensured that everyone gets the coverage and the same level of facilities. Along this, the subsidies are for those people who can’t afford their health insurance premiums.

Country Uncertainty Interval Health Index Uncertainty Interval
France 1 – 5 0.995 0.985 – 1.000
Italy 1 – 5 0.988 0.968 – 1.000
Andorra 2 – 6 0.984 0.969 – 0.996
Malta 3 – 7 0.968 0.964 – 0.992
Austria 7 – 11 0.958 0.945 – 0.971
Singapore 2 – 10 0.972 0.946 – 0.997
England 16 – 22 0.926 0.912 – 0.936
San Marino 1 – 7 0.987 0.972 – 1.000
Japan 8 – 12 0.956 0.947 – 0.966
Switzerland 17 – 23 0.915 0.902 – 0.931

When we look at the best healthcare of world 2015 or 2016 we see that most of the countries are European with good economies. Since these are not very huge countries, it is considerably easier to manage healthcare and people are provided with the best facilities to ensure that there is high human development, which should be among top priorities for the countries.

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