What Countries Eat Dogs?

Dog Eating Countries

Eating cows, goat, chicken, pig and lamb are some of the common types of meat that you can normally see every other non – veg eating, but eating dogs is something that is still rare for most of the people. Serving up a dog, also known as a man’s best friend, is a taboo and illegal in most of the countries. While there are some nations that still allow and openly eat dogs and cats and are often seen on the menu. Following are the countries that eat dogs and contribute the most to its meat trade.

Which Countries Eat Dog’s Meat?

Here’s the list of nations, where cooked dogs are often seen on the dinning table:

1.      China

An accurate figure is difficult to represent but despite that it is known all over the world that China is such country which is responsible for the majority cases of dog slaughter. Every year, around 10 million of them are slaughtered in China to be eaten by the residents (BBC). According to the Humane Society, dogs that are pets are often stolen as well as strays are captured to be kept in cages. The tradition of eating them is not new but it dates back to thousands of years. An interesting fact about China and dogs is that every year in Yulin, a city in China, a meat festival is held where live dogs are sold for eating. Although there are many people who are into its meat eating, there are still many people of China who are still against this tradition and are protesting against this festival in Yulin. It is considered to be very healthy, however, the way they prepare it during the famous festival have been called cruel and unhygienic by the opponents. Some dogs are boiled alive to enhance the flavor and bring a smooth texture to it. For this festival alone, every year, 10,000 dogs are killed and served baked, boiled, preserved, spiced in curries and stews. The festival is not recognized mainly by the society or the government but it still happens every year which is why the demand for its meat is increasing resulting in a high price.

2.      South Korea

South Korea is one such country where dog meat dishes are so common that they even have a special name for it; Gaegogi. According to the Humane Society, South Korea has around 17,000 dog farms where they are prepared for human consumption. The average figure for their slaughtering per year in South Korea is 2.5 million. Although, dog meat eating had been pretty common in the country, it is due to the younger generation that it can be seen a decrease in the rates of its consumption as they prefer keeping them as pets. The government however, has never made its sale legal neither banned it under the country’s law.

3.      Vietnam

Around 5 million dogs are slaughtered every year in Vietnam to be eaten by the people of the country. It is because of the increase in demand of dog meat that Vietnam is now involved in illegal trade of dogs from the neighboring countries like Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. The Asia Canine Protection Alliance is in a favor of ending the meat trade from Laos and Thailand to Vietnam as they state that its meat trade is dangerous for humans as it leads to causing rabies. In Vietnam, dog meat eating is considered to be so important that in special occasions like family reunions, drinking parties or any other special festivals, dog is the go – to – dish (Foxnews).

4.      Indonesia

Even though Indonesia is a Muslim country and eating dogs is considered to be as Haram, the meat is still consumed on special occasions like holidays and weddings. Christian minorities and ethnic groups across Indonesia are the major consumers of dog meat. According to the Food Security Agency and Marine Agriculture, 40,000 dogs are delivered to Jakarta every day to meet the demand of its meat. Although Indonesia has various animal welfare group campaigns; no serious action is being taken in the country by these groups for the consumption of meat. The way they are cooked in the country is cruel; yanked on their heads and then clubbed on the head till they are unconscious before they are thrown and blowtorched to death.

5.      The Philippines

The Philippines is that country where dog meat consumption was only done during the times of mourning rituals due to which only small number of dogs used to be slaughtered earlier. But in the last 25 years, it can be seen that there is a vast demand of dog meat in the country that dog meat trade has rapidly increased for commercial rather than rituals and cultural reasons.

6.      Switzerland

In Switzerland, there are no government regulations that prohibit the consumption of dog in the country. Although dog trade and consumption is not done on commercial purpose in Switzerland, it is still legal in the country. During Christmas in the country, dogs becomes popular among people that don’t even consume it on a regular basis and one can even find it on different menu in various restaurants. Switzerland is the only European country that has legally allowed consumption of dog meat. The meat is dried and salted into a chewy jerky most of the time but is mainly used in making of sausages.

7.      India

India, Nagaland, is also a part of the illegal trade of meat of dog and brutal killing. According to reports (independent.co.ok), video footages and images have been published that shows how brutally the dogs are stuffed into sacks with their muzzles bound before they are killed to be traded; even though this practice is illegal in the country. Animal rights activists have taken charge of this and have launched a campaign to end this illegal dog meat trade.

The above mentioned dog eating countries are the major reasons why there is an increase in slaughtering of dogs. Although the concept of eating dog meat has lessened due to the new generations love for dogs as pets and their attitudes of eating domestic animals. There is still a percentage of people in some countries that are still a fan of dog meat.

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