Which Country Covers the Most Time Zones?

Country with Most Time Zones

Isn’t it weird how the sun sets, sun rises and the moon system works all over the world differently at various timings?  But what’s even weirder is the fact that how the different timings at different countries can be observed at a same standard time. Wondering how? Well, it’s the time zones that are an important concept here. It is basically a term that allows a particular place to have the same time throughout regardless of the sun setting on different times and areas of that particular place. Let’s find out more about the countries that covers most of it.

Countries with the Most Time Zones

1.     France

Ever imagined if France would be on top of this list? Well, France is one of those countries that cover the most time zones in the world. France uses 11 different time zones as it has 13 different territories overseas. All of these must be a big trouble for the French government, but it is them to be blamed for as they have territories spread all over the world.

2.     United States

By law, United States is that country which has 9 different time zones but in reality they have 2 more which are yet to be official. They are used in the US minor outlying islands and Antarctic research stations. Out of these, 9 of them are defined by law and 4 of them belong to the mainland.

3.     Russia

An interesting fact about Russia’s zone is that throughout the years, many changes have been made. It is 7 times that they have been changed. The first change was in 1993 and the last was recent in 2016. In March 2011, Russia quit the practice of daylight saving considering it to be an unpractical one. Moreover, Russia also had to eliminate and replace some of their time zones, which was highly criticized and then they had to bring them back.

4.     United Kingdom

The number of zones that the United Kingdom covers is 9. The main part of the UK uses Greenwich Mean Time even though geographically, it belongs to the central European time. Many initiatives were taken earlier to eradicate the Greenwich one but none of them came to completion except a short period during 1968 to 1971. The remaining 8 are used by the foreign territories scattered around the world.

5.     Australia

Being the world’s sixth largest country, Australia is also included in our list. Australia covers 8. The southern part of the continent of Oceania is greatly defined by the Australia’s land mass and the islands it takes under its national territory. Covering only the part where the majority of the population lives, we will only take into account the 3 main ones. The western part of the country uses UTC+08:00 without daylight saving, the central part covers UTC+09:30 and the eastern part covers UTC+10:00.

6.     Canada

Canada, also being one of the biggest countries covers 6 time zones. However, it doesn’t have any national territories to cover like the United States. Most of these in different regions of Canada mostly cover daylight saving.

7.     The Kingdom of Denmark

The Kingdom of Denmark covers 5 zones which is mainly because of the Greenland that alone covers 4 of them. Even though Denmark’s Greenland controls most of the power, the government of the country still holds control to the most important parts of the ruling territory.

8.     New Zealand

The number of zones that New Zealand covers is 5. Although the main island and the territory only uses one but the other 4 are also used by the island side of the country which are included as the territory of the New Zealand. The Chatham Island and the main island in New Zealand use the daylight saving.

9.     Brazil

After New Zealand, the country that covers the most time zones is Brazil. It covers 4 time zones. Brazil uses UTC−02:00 in the smaller part of the country whereas, it uses UTC−03:00 in the major part of the country i.e. which covers 60% of the population. This is the main part of the country where 94% of the population lives. The other two of them in Brazil are covered by the western part of the country, even though they cover 40% of Brazil’s territory but 12 million of the population lives on that side of the country.

10.    Mexico

Like Brazil, Mexico also covers 4 zones. It was since 2015 that Mexico has started covering them officially. Mexico is ranked as the 10th country in our list. It is important to take into account that the northwest, central and the Pacific region of Mexico uses the daylight saving.

Countries World Ranking No. of Time Zones
France 1 12
United States 2 11
Russia 3 11
United Kingdom 4 9
Australia 5 8
Canada 6 6
Denmark 7 5
New Zealand 8 5
Brazil 9 4
Mexico 10 4


Other than these countries, the smaller ones only cover one time zone. There are about 23 countries that cover only 2. The importance of it can be reflected by the fact that it affects the travelers mostly in jet lag when one’s body is not used to or synchronized to the new system. The jet-lag causes fatigue and can last for several days. This is the reason why many travelers are sometimes forced to delay their flights or are forced to travel during odd timings to reach their place of destination at a specific time of the day. The time zone really messes up with the body clock for the travelers.

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