List of Asian countries

Asian Countries

‎Asia is the largest continent among the 7 continents of the world and it is home to 48 countries. Majority of the people in Asia are Arab, Indian, Japanese and Chinese. The main religions include Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Christianity, and Taoism. The largest cities of Asia are shanghaiing, Manila, Tokyo, Seoul, Jakarta, and Mumbai. Asia covers an area of ‎44,579,000 Km square.

In North Asia lies Siberia, a vast province of Russia. Winters are extremely cold. Snow and ice cover all the region throughout the year. Did you know Siberia covers the largest land area in Asia too? The area is even bigger than Canada. Northern Asia sure has the most land but people population here is quite low and it is mostly because of the weather. Most of the north Asian countries are rich in Diamonds, timber, oil, and gold.

East Asia is the region that is most populated. In the East, China is the largest country with the most population. The Chinese authorities have now allowed their families to have one child only to control the population.

At the Central Asia lie countries that were a part of the former Soviet Republic. This region of Asia mostly consists of plateaus, mountains and deserts. Many people here earn their living by raising sheep and goats.

Southwest Asia is commonly known as the Middle East. It is also called the crossroads of the world as 3 continents i.e. Asia, Africa and Europe meet here. Most of the area of southwest Asia consists of desert. The Dead Sea, located at the Earth’s lowest point, is a fascinating place to visit. It is the saltiest body of water, so much that even the living things cannot survive here.

South Asia, on the other hand, is home to the Himalaya Mountains and other mountain chains. Mount Everest, the tallest mountain is also a part of the Himalaya Mountains. India is the largest country in South Asia.

South East Asia is the home of islands that surround a mainland. The famous Southeast Asia countries include Japan and Indonesia.

5 Richest Countries in Asia

Since we are discussing the countries in Asia, below, we have shared 5 of the richest countries in Asia too:

  1. Saudi Arabia

It is the single richest country in the Asian continent and it has the biggest economic power house too. Oil is the major source of business. After joining WTO and becoming the founding member of OPEC, the country was successful in maintaining itself as a leader in the production of petroleum products and this stabilized its economy too. It is due to the profitable petroleum industry that Saudi Arabia is the richest country with a good GDP and purchasing power.

  1. Taiwan

Taiwan is the IT support headquarters of the world. There was a time when the economy of the country was based on agricultural produce but now, it’s more open to technology. No wonder why it has more training institutions than any other country in the world. It’s major import/export partners are China, USA and Japan. As the economy is growing steadily, Taiwan is becoming one of the richest countries in Asia.

  1. Japan

In case you didn’t know, Japan is included in the top rich countries in Asia because it is the automotive and electronic giant. These industries have made the economy of the country quite strong. It is also known as the country that is at the edge of the future. The research and development that is being carried out in Japan has no comparison. It is also home to modern cities. The country is not really rich in natural resources but due to the hard work of the nation, it has become a pioneer in technology.

  1. South Korea

After the Korean war, the country did not take much time to recover. South Korea strived and innovated in the ship building, automotive productive and electronic industries. The economy started growing and hence the quality of life started improving. This stability in the economy of the country makes it fall in the list of richest Asian countries.

  1. United Arab Emirates

Everybody knows why UAE is included in the list of the richest Asian countries. You will find the largest buildings in the world here and some of the most luxurious cars too. 90 percent of the economy of UAE depends on petroleum and petroleum products. It is also an important member in OPEC and WTO. Abu Dhabi is the primary contributor of wealth. Next comes Dubai which is famous for its tourism.

Interesting Facts About Asia

Since you are reading everything about Asia, here are some interesting facts to read too:

  • The population of Asia is about 4 billion, which is greater than any other continent in the world.
  • Did you know that everyone in Vietnam has the same birthday? This birthday is celebrated on the New Year. The New Year basically starts on the first day of the lunar calendar. That’s why age in the country is calculated on the basis of the number of lunar years elapsed.
  • China has such a wide region that the country can be divided into five separate time zones. However, the entire nation follows the China Standard Time which is the only national time zone.
  • North Korea celebrates Christmas but not for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ but to celebrate the birthday of the mother of Kim Jong II.
  • Japan is a great country to live in but if you are fat, that’s against the law.
  • The country in Asia which is the largest producer of mangoes is India. Each year, the country produces 12 million tons of mangoes.
  • If you thought that most widely spoken language around the world is English, then you are wrong. It’s actually Mandarin Chinese.
  • It is interesting that Asia is believed to have a Greek origin. Nobody actually knows where the name ‘Asia’ came from.

The table below shows the list of all Asian countries:

Sr.# Country Population
1 Afghanistan 30,419,928
2 Armenia 2,970,495
3 Azerbaijan 9,493,600
4 Bahrain 1,248,348
5 Bangladesh 147,570
6 Bhutan 716,896
7 Brunei 408,786
8 Cambodia 14,952,665
9 China 1,343,239,923
10 Cyprus 1,343,239,923
11 East Timor 1,143,667
12 Georgia 4,570,934
13 India 1,210,193,422
14 Indonesia 248,645,008
15 Iran 80,056,900
16 Iraq 31,129,225
17 Israel 8,502,900
18 Japan 127,368,088
19 Jordan 6,508,887
20 Kazakhstan 17,522,010
21 Kuwait 2,646,314
22 Kyrgyzstan 5,496,737
23 Laos 6,586,266
24 Lebanon 4,140,289
25 Malaysia 29,179,952
26 Maldives 394,451
27 Mongolia 3,179,997
28 Myanmar 54,584,650
29 Nepal 29,890,686
30 North Korea 24,589,122
31 Oman 3,090,150
32 Pakistan 190,291,129
33 Philippines 100,981,437
34 Qatar 1,951,591
35 Russia 142,517,670
36 Saudi Arabia 26,534,504
37 Singapore 5,535,500
38 South Korea 50,004,441
39 Sri Lanka 21,481,334
40 Syria 22,530,746
41 Tajikistan 7,768,385
42 Thailand 67,091,089
43 Turkey 81,500,000
44 Turkmenistan 5,024,828
45 United Arab Emirates 5,314,317
46 Uzbekistan 28,394,180
47 Vietnam 91,519,289
48 Yemen 24,771,809

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