Which Country Consumes the Most Coffee?

Coffee Consuming Countries

Coffee is something that gives a perfect start to your day, which is why Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and other famous shops can be seen in different parts of the world. Most people can’t begin their day to work without grabbing a cup of it. Even though one may think that USA might be the country that runs on coffee, the truth is, it’s not even on the top 10 list. Let’s find out about the countries that consume the most coffee in the world.

What Country Drinks the Most Coffee

1.      Brazil

Brazil is that country which is known to be as top producers as well as consumers of coffee. With having coffee as their official beverage of the country and carrying a title of world leader of its production for more than 100 years, one can safely bet that Brazil would be on the list. With a per capita of coffee consumption rate of 4.8 kg annually, Brazilians drink an average of 1.32 cups every day.

2.      Slovenia

In Slovenia, coffee is usually brewed as Turkish way served in tiny cups, sometimes with whipped cream or milk. Europeans generally like to have a sip of it in cafes also known locally as kavarana, which is why one can often see these places crowded. Slovenians consume around 1.68 cups of it per day.

3.      Netherlands

In 1616, Dutch were the first ones as Europeans to obtain live coffee trees from Yemen. The beans from these trees were used for Dutch coffee cultivation. This culture in Netherlands today is still strong and rich and is served in home usually with cakes and cookies. On average, the Dutch consumes 1.84 cups per day, which is a lot!

4.      Norway

Like most European countries, coffee is something that is pretty common among the people of Norway. It is typically served black at breakfast and also with desserts after dinner. The people of Norway often invite people over to their house for coffee and serve it with pastries and cakes. An average Norwegian person drinks 2 cups every day. It plays a major role in the country. Many related traditions like kaffeslabberas occur in the country which (as mentioned earlier) is a tradition of having an informal gathering where there is cake and coffee.

5.      Finland

Finland truly tops the list of countries that consume the most coffee. The national average amount that a Finn consumes is 2.64 cups a day. Finland also triples the consumption of this strong drink when compared to US. The reason why it is famous and such a big deal in the country is because it fits in every situations and customs. Coffee is so common in Finland that it is consumed all day, every day. Even breaks are required by many worker unions to have a cup.

6.      Netherlands

It has been found by many researchers and can also be easily observed if one goes in the country that coffee is the absolute favorite hot beverage of the Dutch. On average, the people in Netherlands drink 1.84 cups per day. The way most of the Dutch like to have it is mostly black or espresso. Its culture is interestingly divided between the north and south and along religious lines. In south, which is majorly populated by Roman Catholics, coffee typically includes a large sweet pie whereas, in north, which is majorly populated by protestants who like to have it served with only one cookie.

7.      Austria

Austria is a country that is famously known for classical composers, waltzes and Viennese coffee houses. Here in these Viennese houses, one can find patrons lingering there for hours and browsing through the freely distributed papers while consuming their hot beverage. This is the sole reason that can be a justification to why people in Austria consume 1.5 cups per day. The people here generally like their favorite drink creamy and frothy or with milk.

8.      Serbia

Serbia is also one of those nations that is regarded as coffee countries. The people here are known for drinking strong, black Turkish way which is served with a sweet gummy desert, basically a Turkish delight for them. Turkish way is a special long process in Serbia and even though it is a hassle, they still drink around 1.49 cups of average per day.

9.      Denmark

Known as the Danish Prince of the hot brown drink, the residents of Denmark on average consume 1.46 cups of coffee per day. It is usually served with every meal and is the main focus during occasions and festivals where it is served with small sandwiches or desserts. Denmark is one such country which is also ranked to have the 6th most expensive coffee in the world so each of those 1.46 cups per day if calculated on monthly or yearly basis gets pretty heavy on the pocket.

10. Germany

The fame of this special drink in Germany began in 1673 when the first coffee house was introduced in the country. After that when there were other such houses and cafes made, they became an excuse for the wealthy and intellectuals to gather there over a cup. Today, the people of Germany consume about 1.43 cups a day.

Source: World Atlas

Countries Coffee Consumption per Capita (in kgs) Score
Finland 9.6 2.64
Norway 7.2 1.98
Netherlands 6.7 1.84
Slovenia 6.1 1.68
Austria 5.5 1.51
Serbia 5.4 1.49
Denmark 5.3 1.46
Germany 5.2 1.43
Belgium 4.9 1.35
Brazil 4.8 1.32

Worldwide, coffee is consumed at about 150 million of bags per year which makes it almost 10 million tons. The fact that this ultimate favorite drink is consumed at this rate all over the world surely makes it something.  People in different countries have different likes and taste which is why they like to have it in several ways; some like it with milk, some like it strong and black, some like it creamy and frothy where as some like it cold and iced. It is due to that, one can see the above mentioned coffee consumption countries in the list.

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