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  • Largest Economies in the World

    Which Country has the Best Economy in the World?

    When it comes to the top national economies, they may shift their order a bit but they key players usually remain on the top. Talking about the top economies, there are number of countries which each day, strive hard to reach on the top economies and then remain there. it’s easy to reach on the […]

  • Poorest Countries in World

    List of Poorest Countries in The World

    Among the list of the world’s poorest countries, once again African countries are taking the lead. The Global Finance Magazine published a ranking analysis on February 2017. The countries were ranked according to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) Per Capita. PPP measures the relative cost of living and the country’s […]

  • Fifa World Cup

    Which Country Has Won Most Football World Cups?

    Football world cup, also known as FIFA World Cup, started in 1930 and the first ever tournament was held in Uruguay. It was the only tournament without a qualifying round. Only those countries were invited that were affiliated with FIFA. 13 countries were in the tournament and Uruguay became the first FIFA champion. Since the […]

  • Foreign Aid Giving Countries

    Top Countries that Give the most Foreign Aid

    Ever wondered what is the most charity giving country? Before beginning with which countries give the most foreign aid, it is important to understand what is foreign aid. Foreign aid, currency or assistance is that money or form of support which is given to the developing or underdeveloped countries by the rich ones for countless […]

  • Living Standard

    Top Countries with Highest Standard of Living

    The standard of living of a country is measured by the Social Progress Index. A strong GDP Per Capita is not the only gauge for measuring standard of living. There are some factors which make up the Social Progress Index. They include basic human needs (medical, shelter and sanitation), education, technology and life expectancy and […]

  • English Flag

    List of English Speaking Countries

    Did you know there are about 841 million people around the world who speak English? Among this number, 336 million people speak it as their first language while 506 million speak it as their second language. No wonder after Chinese and Spanish, English is considered to be the widely spoken language. Now, this language rules not […]

  • Most Suicidal Countries

    Which Countries have Highest Suicide Rates?

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a person commits suicide somewhere in the world every 40 seconds. Even though most of these countries that have high suicidal rates are poor, it is also surprising to see that there are some highly developed countries that are also a part of such list. Over the last […]

  • Second World Countries

    List of Second World Countries

    The term “Second World” can be best defined as countries that are stable than the third world countries but unstable than the developed countries. In other words, we can say that the second world countries are those nations which are thriving to become developed nations. Second world countries are also those which were controlled by […]

  • Third World Countries

    List of Third World Countries

    Third world country is a phrase that is often used to describe the poor or the under developed countries but what does this actually mean? Third world countries are those whose economies are highly dependent on the on the economic wealth of the developed countries due to which these poor countries have a large foreign […]