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  • Countries Without Army

    Which Countries have no Army?

    Maintaining an army and military forces is pretty expensive in today’s world which is why there are still many countries that have no army. Today, it is due to the armed strength of a country that defines how powerful and strong any country is which is why most countries spend bulks on their army whereas, […]

  • Living Standard

    Top Countries with Highest Standard of Living

    The standard of living of a country is measured by the Social Progress Index. A strong GDP Per Capita is not the only gauge for measuring standard of living. There are some factors which make up the Social Progress Index. They include basic human needs (medical, shelter and sanitation), education, technology and life expectancy and […]

  • Countries with Legal Abortion

    List of Countries Where Abortion Is Legal

    When it comes to abortion, rules are determined by religion and culture. In conservative states of the US, such as Texas and some European Catholic countries like Portugal and Poland, it is easier for women to get an abortion. Talking about Europe, the abortion laws in the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland are quite restrictive. […]

  • Gay Marriages

    List of Countries Where Gay Marriage is Legal

    The issue about allowing same-sex couples to marry is not just a recent topic of conversation. The debate has been around for years and decades, with governments deciding whether or not to give the same-sex couples the right to get legally married. The controversial debate has turned into a major political issue especially in the […]

  • Where is Dubai

    What Country is Dubai in?

    Sophisticated, devoted, passionate to living a good life, Dubai is both a beautiful and a city so diverse you would love to go here. From the Burj Khalifa to Palm Jumeirah to record breaking architecture to amazing man-made island just out of the coastline, Dubai is a must to go city. A mix of culture […]

  • Most Alcoholic Countries

    Which Country Drinks the Most Alcohol?

    From one country to another in the world, the relationship of people with liquor keeps varying. The World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed some regional trends about the countries that drink the most alcohol to figure out the global status in liquor to fight the harmful use of it and avoid the negative social and […]

  • Dog Eating Countries

    What Countries Eat Dogs?

    Eating cows, goat, chicken, pig and lamb are some of the common types of meat that you can normally see every other non – veg eating, but eating dogs is something that is still rare for most of the people. Serving up a dog, also known as a man’s best friend, is a taboo and […]

  • Least Corrupt Countries

    List of Least Corrupt Countries in the World

    Corruption is one such thing that destroys every country. Unfortunately, it is something that is found in every country, either too much or less but it is there. It would be surprising if there is any country that comes under the list of non-corrupt countries though. There are many countries that are highly unethical but […]

  • First World Countries

    List of First World Countries

    A country that has a highly developed infrastructure, economy, life expectancy, literacy, standard of living, education, population happiness, healthcare and child welfare is considered to be ranked as a highly developed country and is included in the list of first world countries. These are the variables that are taken into account to find out the […]