Which Country has the Best Food?

Countries with Best Food

Whether you are a foodie or not, it is one such thing that nobody can compromise on, either you eat a home cooked meal or some fancy meal at a restaurant. When you are out of country you need to get lost in different flavors and tastes. We all take our food very seriously which is why it is important to know the specialty of each country particularly when you are travelling. Here we have list down some of the countries with best food along with the must eats and must drinks of that particular country.

List of Countries with the Best Food

1.     Italy

We all have tried different our own versions of Italian cuisines at our home town but nothing can beat the original Italian food experience. It’s hard to say about the authentic Italian taste so it’s better to just enjoy it. Italians use the traditional colors; green, red and yellow in their dishes which gives the dish a very attractive look along with the mouthwatering taste and flavors. Must eat in Italy include Pizza, Pasta, Panna Cotta, whereas, must drink include Red Wine, White Wine and Sparkling Wine.

2.     Spain

Spain is known to serve the best food, whether it is from a fine dining restaurant or a local street. For a foodie traveller, Spain is one of the best places you can go to. The free tapas are something that also attracts people from all over the world to give it a shot. Some of the must dry dishes of Spain are Paella, Tapas and Jaman, whereas, if you are looking for a drink specialty, Sangria and Beer are your best selections.

3.     France

I don’t think France needs an introduction to itself when it comes to food as we all know that it is known for being a gourmet capital. The country is famous for its cuisines mainly because the best sellers from all over the world come from here. Although there is an endless list as to what to try here but to sum up a few; Croissants, Tartar, Roquefort, Charcuterie and Bouillabaisse are a must whereas, when it comes to drinking, Wine is the ultimate favorite.

4.     Mexico

If having spices is your thing then Mexico is where you should be at. Tomato, chili peppers, beans and corn together made up brings you the real taste of Mexico. Some of the must try dishes in Mexico are Enchiladas, Empanadas, Quesadillas, Tacos and Chili Con Carne, whereas, if you are want to kill that thirst, you need to try Tequila and Margarita of course.

5.     Greece

From salads to hot dishes, from soups to sweets, there are many things you can give a chance to when in Greece. Specialty of Greece is to take a fast food that you can easily find anywhere on the streets, small take out shops, bars and cafes. Some of the must try dishes of Greece are Mousaka, Souvlaki and Greek Salad while if you are looking for something nice to drink Ouzo and Tsipouro is your safe bet.

6.     Thailand

If you like dishes that contain rice, then you are going to love what Thais have to offer as they use rice as their core ingredient in almost every dish like any other Asian cuisine. In other words, one can say that food literally here means to eat rice (yonderbound). The must try here are Pad Thai, Som Tam and Tom Yang Goong. Beer is commonly used here as a drink but if you are looking for a strong alternative, Sang Som is your option.

7.     Portugal

A little information for all the foodies out there before you get to Portugal is that be readytto gain 5 kilos if you are staying there for 6 months. Yes, the dishes tthey offer are that amazing yet contains so many calories. Some of the must try are Pollo Arosto, Francesinha, Bacalhau and Alzeida. Do try their local wine known as the Vinho Duoro.

8.     India

Ready to take on a food challenge? Try Indian cuisine! Indian cuisine is famous for its spices and flavorful sauces. Although, if you are a beef lover, then this is not the place you should be at as cow is a sacred animal there. Paneer Butter Masala and Aloo Gobi is their ultimate specialty, whereas, alcohol is strictly not found anywhere in India except Goa, so bottled water or soft drinks are your options.

9.     Japan

If you are in Japan, you are never going to mistake the Japanese food as it is one of a kind. Not only the ingredients and recipes are what makes the Japanese cuisine a must try but alto the tradition and culture (CNN, 2013). Tempura, Unagi, Sushi, Tonkatsu and Soba and Udon are some of the dishes that will give an authentic Japanese taste, while Tea, Sake and Yakitori Beer are consumed with these dishes.


Pakistani food will be your ultimate favorite if you are into trying different flavors. Chili, garlic, ginger, paprika and coriander are majorly used in all the dishes that differentiate Pakistani cuisine with others. Although, being a Muslim country, you won’t find pork here so your options include meat, beef, chicken and fish. Shahi Tukra, Chicken Tandoori, Dal and Biryani are a must try. Lassi is a famous drink for which Pakistan is renowned for. Do give it a try.


Countries Famous
Italy Pizza Red Wine
Spain Tapas Sangria
France Croissants Wine
Mexico Enchiladas Margarita
Greece Souvlaki Ouzo
Thailand Pad Thai Beer
Portugal Alzeida Vinho Duoro
India Paneer Butter
Soft Drinks
Japan Sushi Sake
Pakistan Chicken Tandoori Lassi

Where there is travelling, there’s food too. Foodies like me who ever get a chance to travel in either of the countries mentioned above are going to love it as they offer some of the finest taste. The best part about these countries is that you can find anything according to your budget. Do give the local as well as the continental dishes of these countries a try as trying authentic taste itself is an unforgettable experience. So pack your bags and start your adventure of trying out the famous cuisine of best food countries.

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