Which Country Consumes the Most Beer?

Countries Consuming Most Beer

While having drinks with a couple of friends on a boy’s night out, the amount of empty bottles on our table gave me a sudden realization that our intake for it is too much. Then it occurred to me that if we consume so much of it on a regular basis, there might be people in other countries too who do the same. This thought gave me an idea to find out and come up with the statistics about the top beer drinking countries, as like me, most of you might be interested in knowing that too. So here we have jot down the top 10 most beer drinking countries for your information.

Top Beer Drinking Countries

1.     Czech Republic

Czech Republic takes the lead over all the other countries in this list with a massive consumption of per capita of 132 litres a year (huffingtonpost). Czech Republic has a long history with its first brewery which existed in 993. Their two of the most own famous brands include Budweiser Budvar and Pilsner Urquell. Like the locals, if you are also a crazy drinker then you must visit the biggest beer festival in the country which is held in May for 17 days. The festival is pretty famous all over the world where visitors get a chance to taste more than 70 locally produced brands of Czech Republic.

2.     Germany

Germans like to drink, A LOT. Their intake is much more than drinking water. Having a per capita consumption of about 107 litres a year, it takes the edge over Austria making itself on the 2nd position on our list (pastemagazine). Not only it is widely known for being a drinking country but it is also one of the known beverage exporting country too. Their best seller brand is Oettinger which is sold over 1 billion pints per annum.

3.     Austria

It may come to you as a surprise but Austria lays as number 3 in our list as their per capita consumption per year is 106 litres. A country that is famous for its skiing, cultural icons and being wealthy really does amazes us to be placed as number 3 in our list. Another interesting fact about Austria is that it is one of those countries having the most overweight men than women from which we can assume that all the beer is being consumed by the men.

4.     Ireland

Ireland is said to be as number 4th country to be placed in this list. Their per capita consumption per year is 104 litres. The widely known fact of their Guinness does have something to do with this then. Their sales top 1.5 billion pints all over the world which makes us wonder if so much of it is given out, how much of it is consumed by the citizens themselves.

5.     Canada

If we come out of Europe and talk about other beer drinking countries, Canada comes as a 5th largest one. Their per capita consumption per year for each person is 98.5 litres. Not only that, a Canadian brand, known as the Labatt Blue is pretty famous all over the world as well.

6.     Estonia

The thirst of beer for the people living in Estonia can be proved by the fact their per capita consumption per year is 91 litres. Another fact that makes it in our list is that they have a very less government debt to GDP ratio which obviously means that they have enough disposable income left which automatically is used over the beer.

7.     Lithuania

The economy of the country fell greatly during the global financial crises but Lithuania is one of those countries which stood strong and quickly managed to grow their economy after the crisis. Their drinking habits have made them ahead of Poland making themselves as number 7 on our list.

8.     Poland

Poland is one of those countries which is regarded as a high income economy that can be reflected in their beer per capita consumption habits. In fact, Poland itself has about 70 breweries in the country which makes it the third largest exporting country in the world as well. Clearly, they are known for both; their consumption as well as a strong export business country.

9.     Venezuela

The average per person, per year consumption in Venezuela is 83 litres, which makes it number 9th on our list. Surprisingly, we all think that Saudi Arab is the country that produces the most oil but instead, it is Venezuela who does so. Wondering what does this have to do with Venezuela being in a list of most drinking countries? Well, at least now we know where that oil money is going.

10.  Finland

Finland is located near the eastern front in a dark, cold area of Europe which is one of the reasons why it is the most thinly populated countries in the EU as well as the 10th most drinking country. Their nominal per capita income is more than US $49,000 which makes it one of the wealthiest nations spending life in highest quality hence, included in our list.

Countries World Ranking Consumption per Capita (litres)
Czech Republic 1 132
Germany 2 107
Austria 3 106
Ireland 4 104
Canada 5 98.5
Estonia 6 91
Lithuania 7 86
Poland 8 84
Venezuela 9 83
Finland 10 78.5

There are many reasons why most people love buying beer over any other alcoholic beverage. If you love it and don’t want to spend a hefty amount of your money on it, Europe is the best place to be at. If you notice, the list above consists most of the countries in Europe which proves the fact that not only Europe consists of cheap beer but also it is where you can find a massive crowd of people who consumes the most beer per capita.

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