October 2017

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  • Map of North America

    How Many Countries are there in North America?

    North America, the 3rd largest continent in the world, shares a border with the Arctic Ocean in the North and the Atlantic Ocean in the East. It consists of 23 countries and several territories. 7.5 percent of the total population of the world lives in North America. Regions of North America Broadly, North America can […]

  • Largest Countries by Area Map

    What are the Biggest Countries in the World by Area?

    There are a number of countries throughout the world that are deemed the largest or populous on the basis of their demographics, economics and geography. Here, we are going to talk about the biggest countries in the world on the basis of their size. These largest countries in the world are home to a variety […]

  • Asian Countries

    List of Asian countries

    ‎Asia is the largest continent among the 7 continents of the world and it is home to 48 countries. Majority of the people in Asia are Arab, Indian, Japanese and Chinese. The main religions include Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Christianity, and Taoism. The largest cities of Asia are shanghaiing, Manila, Tokyo, Seoul, Jakarta, and Mumbai. […]

  • Powerful Army Countries

    List of Countries with Strongest Armies in World

    In today’s time it is almost mandatory for every country to maintain an army and weapons due to uncertainty of situations. Armies are considered to play an important role in dealing with different security risks. Maintaining peace and security within the country is the ultimate role of army which is why every nation has several […]

  • Countries Without Army

    Which Countries have no Army?

    Maintaining an army and military forces is pretty expensive in today’s world which is why there are still many countries that have no army. Today, it is due to the armed strength of a country that defines how powerful and strong any country is which is why most countries spend bulks on their army whereas, […]

  • Fifa World Cup

    Which Country Has Won Most Football World Cups?

    Football world cup, also known as FIFA World Cup, started in 1930 and the first ever tournament was held in Uruguay. It was the only tournament without a qualifying round. Only those countries were invited that were affiliated with FIFA. 13 countries were in the tournament and Uruguay became the first FIFA champion. Since the […]

  • Foreign Aid Giving Countries

    Top Countries that Give the most Foreign Aid

    Ever wondered what is the most charity giving country? Before beginning with which countries give the most foreign aid, it is important to understand what is foreign aid. Foreign aid, currency or assistance is that money or form of support which is given to the developing or underdeveloped countries by the rich ones for countless […]

  • Cheap European Countries to Visit

    Cheapest Countries in Europe to Visit this year

    Europe is home to one of the most expensive countries in the world. The more these countries are getting popular among tourists and travelers, the more expensive they are becoming. That does not mean you cannot travel to Europe. The key is, if you avoid the popular tourist spots like London and Paris and experiment […]

  • Living Standard

    Top Countries with Highest Standard of Living

    The standard of living of a country is measured by the Social Progress Index. A strong GDP Per Capita is not the only gauge for measuring standard of living. There are some factors which make up the Social Progress Index. They include basic human needs (medical, shelter and sanitation), education, technology and life expectancy and […]

  • Trump Travel Ban

    List of Countries Affected by Trump Travel Ban

    President Donald Trump signed an executive order on 27th January to temporarily ban people from 7 Muslim majorly countries. A number of protests were carried out after this decision. One week later, a federal judge in Seattle suspended the order nationwide and allowed the banned visitors to travel to the United States. According to Trump, […]