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  • Fifa World Cup 2018 Russia

    Which Country will host 2018 FIFA World Cup?

    It is time for the 21st FIFA World Cup and the FIFA world cup 2018 host country is going to be Russia. The event will start on June 14th, 2018. Europe is going to host this World Cup for the first time. So people have lots of question is mind like what’s going to be […]

  • Countries with Legal Abortion

    List of Countries Where Abortion Is Legal

    When it comes to abortion, rules are determined by religion and culture. In conservative states of the US, such as Texas and some European Catholic countries like Portugal and Poland, it is easier for women to get an abortion. Talking about Europe, the abortion laws in the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland are quite restrictive. […]

  • Where is Amsterdam

    What Country is Amsterdam In?

    Wondering where is Amsterdam? If you ask people, you may get two answers, one is Netherlands and the other is Amsterdam. It is located in the Netherlands and it is the capital of the country. If you are wondering where it’s located on the map of the world, then it is located at the 52°22′ […]

  • English Flag

    List of English Speaking Countries

    Did you know there are about 841 million people around the world who speak English? Among this number, 336 million people speak it as their first language while 506 million speak it as their second language. No wonder after Chinese and Spanish, English is considered to be the widely spoken language. Now, this language rules not […]

  • Gay Marriages

    List of Countries Where Gay Marriage is Legal

    The issue about allowing same-sex couples to marry is not just a recent topic of conversation. The debate has been around for years and decades, with governments deciding whether or not to give the same-sex couples the right to get legally married. The controversial debate has turned into a major political issue especially in the […]

  • Where is Dubai

    What Country is Dubai in?

    Sophisticated, devoted, passionate to living a good life, Dubai is both a beautiful and a city so diverse you would love to go here. From the Burj Khalifa to Palm Jumeirah to record breaking architecture to amazing man-made island just out of the coastline, Dubai is a must to go city. A mix of culture […]

  • Everest Country

    What Country is Mount Everest in?

    Mount Everest is the piece of Himalaya Range which is the most noteworthy mountain on the Earth which has 8,848 m height. The Royal Geographical Society gave a name to this mountain. Unlike other mountains, the tallest mountain of Earth did not embrace its western name from any of the individuals, who actually climbed it. […]

  • New Year Celeberations

    Which Country Celebrates New Year First?

    A New Year means a new beginning, the start of everything all over again, new promises, a step ahead and something new to look forward to in life. It is for this reason that New Year’s Eve is considered to be a special occasion and in one way or the other people around the world […]