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  • Most Alcoholic Countries

    Which Country Drinks the Most Alcohol?

    From one country to another in the world, the relationship of people with liquor keeps varying. The World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed some regional trends about the countries that drink the most alcohol to figure out the global status in liquor to fight the harmful use of it and avoid the negative social and […]

  • Dog Eating Countries

    What Countries Eat Dogs?

    Eating cows, goat, chicken, pig and lamb are some of the common types of meat that you can normally see every other non – veg eating, but eating dogs is something that is still rare for most of the people. Serving up a dog, also known as a man’s best friend, is a taboo and […]

  • Coffee Consuming Countries

    Which Country Consumes the Most Coffee?

    Coffee is something that gives a perfect start to your day, which is why Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and other famous shops can be seen in different parts of the world. Most people can’t begin their day to work without grabbing a cup of it. Even though one may think that USA might be the country […]

  • Highest Hindu Population

    Top Ten Countries with Highest Hindu Population

    Along with Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, Hinduism is also one of the largest religions in the world. According to recent studies, there are over billions of Hindus in the world. India is one such country where one can find the greatest majority of people who follow Hinduism as their religion. Hindus make over 13% of […]

  • Muslim Countries

    List of Muslim Countries in the World

    After Christianity, Islam is the second largest religion all over the world. The regions where Muslims can be found in majority cover Middle East and Africa. But as a result of Muslim immigration to the rest of the world, Muslims began to spread in other foreign places as well like American and European countries. A […]

  • Most Christian Countries

    What are the Most Christian Countries in the World?

    Christianity is found to be the largest religions in the world. It is found in great numbers in different countries of Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. The Bible is considered to be the holy book of Christians. They believe in God as the father, Jesus as God’s son and the Holy Spirit. Finally, the […]

  • Most Religious Countries

    List of Most Religious Countries in the World

    Religion is one of the factors that allows in bringing people together from all over the world. Not only it helps in community creation but also it introduces an aspect of cultural diversity. People who are of similar mind come together on the basis of religion and together they communicate and share with each other. […]

  • Second World Countries

    List of Second World Countries

    The term “Second World” can be best defined as countries that are stable than the third world countries but unstable than the developed countries. In other words, we can say that the second world countries are those nations which are thriving to become developed nations. Second world countries are also those which were controlled by […]

  • Least Religious Countries

    Which Countries are Least Religious in the World?

    The religiously detached people are increasing significantly in number in today’s world. Even though religion continues to play an important part in worldly issues, it is interesting to figure out which countries are the least religious in the world. Here are some countries where religion is not an important part of daily lives for most […]