December 2016

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  • Countries Without Freedom of Speech

    Which Countries Do Not Have Freedom of Speech?

    When someone says ‘freedom of speech’ they usually mean the right to express one’s ideas or opinions without being afraid of retaliation from the government. Freedom of expression is similar to it as it is the right to receive, seek or impart information through any medium. Freedom of speech and expression are usually correlated with […]

  • Best Health Care System

    Which Country has the Best Healthcare System?

    Good health is highly beneficial for a person, healthy people can not only enjoy the happenings in life but a good healthy person adds more value to the overall society and is helpful in making his/ her own life even more meaningful. Similarly a state’s health care system is among the top influential and important contributing […]

  • Best Education System in World

    Which Country has the Best Education in the World?

    For those who want to study abroad, being surrounded by people with high educational levels is a factor when deciding where to study. This OECD classification shows the most educated countries in the world, according to the number of people with a higher education diploma. If you think that by joining with the best, you […]

  • Gold Reserves

    Which Country has the Most Gold?

    As every year, the World Gold Council analyzes the volume of gold reserves in different countries of the world. United States appears in first position in the ranking, with value of reserves at 314.980 billion. It is followed by Germany, with 131.17 billion dollars in gold assets. And at third comes Italy, with reserves valued […]